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Women’s Drug Rehab

My Adult Daughter Is an Addict What Do I Do?

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As they grow up, our daughters are the lights of our lives. However, we can’t control everything. One of the hardest realizations that a parent may have to rationalize is that their little girl, that seemed to have it all together, can grow up to use and abuse drugs or alcohol. Of course, the critical part of this is to make sure we identify and address the substance abuse or addiction issue early. This offers the greatest chance for recovery with the fewest long-term or permanent effects. Regardless, however, it may take time for parents to realize that there is a substance-abuse problem, even if many of the signs are clear to a professional.

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Benefits of Drug Rehab for Women

Drug rehab for women is the best treatment option available for women suffering from drug addiction. Women have different causal factors and symptoms from addiction than men; therefore, it only makes sense that the most ideal programs would be specifically designed to address the needs of women. Let's explore some of the benefits of drug rehab for women. Drug Rehab for Women: Benefits Women are shown in studies to do better in a drug rehab for women as opposed to a co-ed program. One reason is because women are more likely to open up and share their feelings in group…

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What are the Warning Signs of Drug Abuse?

Do you think someone in your life has a drug or alcohol problem, but don't know for sure? It is not an accusation you want to make lightly, but you can’t afford to ignore that a problem exists, either. Each year, drug addiction takes thousands of lives. From overdoses to drugged driving accidents, addiction kills. Intervention can literally save a life. Different drugs affect people in different ways, but there are some standard warning signs to look for when trying to determine if someone you love is using. The Physical Signs Addiction is defined as the inability to stop using…

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Women’s Drug Rehab Offers 5 Goals for the New Year

Women’s drug rehab seeks to give you inspiration for life. Consider striving towards these five goals of recovery and healthy living in the upcoming New Year. #1: Aim to Manage Stress Better than Ever Before. You learned so much about the dangers of stress at women’s drug rehab. Stress is a major trigger for substance use and it is also able to wreak havoc on so many areas of our lives ranging from physical health to the quality of our relationships with loved ones. Make it a point to manage stress better than ever before for the New Year. Make…

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Carlee’s Sober Story

I came to treatment as a scared little girl and left as a hopeful, recovering woman. I could not have gotten this far if it wasn't for Destination Hope. The staff is amazing and they truly want the best for every single client that walks through the door. The eating disorder group and family night group were both very helpful to me. I was able to listen and learn from other people’s experiences as well as share my own. My therapist, Annie W, believed in me and loved me until I could learn to love myself. I am forever grateful…

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5 Things Celebs Have Taught Us About Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment is often a hot topic in celebrity news. This actually comes along with some great benefits for the recovery community, as we have been able to learn so much from their experiences. Here are five things famous figures have taught us about substance abuse treatment.

1. Substance Abuse Treatment Takes Time.

Substance abuse treatment requires time, hard work and commitment for success. Clients who leave their treatment programs early or only commit to very short periods of time for treatment are usually featured in the headlines soon after for relapse. There is no quick fix or magic bandage for recovery success.

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Can Women’s Drug Rehab Cure Sex Addiction?

Women’s drug rehab treatment methods can effectively treat clients of sex addiction. Sex addiction, like substance addiction, can be treated but not cured. However, the best treatment methods and processes can help clients successfully enter the recovery process. Women’s Drug Rehab for Sex Addiction Treatment Women’s drug rehab offers effective treatment for sex addiction as it also involves treatment processes that focus on impulse control, an underlying factor in substance addiction and sex addiction. The main treatment method for sex addiction at women’s drug rehab is psychotherapy. Clients participate in individual, group, family and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions to work…

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Marleana’s Sober Story

Before I came to Destination Hope, my relationships were falling apart, I was hurting everyone around me. I felt like I was being torn in a thousand different directions, and unable to make a single decision. I felt broken, hopeless, and completely alone. I had tried to stay clean to no avail. I found myself in and out of working a program, and decided to try something a little different. I traveled about a thousand miles from home to completely start my life over with treatment at Destination Hope. My time at DH has been invaluable to me. I was…

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Can I Talk to Someone at a Womens Drug Rehab Program?

Women's drug rehab programs do not keep clients away from their loved ones. You are still able to communicate regularly with your friend or family member in a women's drug rehab program so you may continue to offer your support. Speaking to Someone at Women's Drug Rehab It may be difficult for you to speak with a friend or family member who is attending a women's drug rehab program. It can be painful as they can be worried and be filled with sorrow or other emotions commonly experienced by clients in the beginning of their rehabilitation programs from substance abuse…

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The Role of Women’s Drug Rehab after Treatment Ends

Women’s drug rehab will continue to be a source of education, support, strength and guidance for you even after your substance addiction treatment program has come to an end. The special services and programs offered at your women’s drug rehab will serve as a most useful assistance to you in your recovery along with your own practices and initiatives in maintaining clean living in recovery. Recovery is a Process There is no cure for addiction. This means that your recovery must be continuously worked on in order to remain successfully clean from drugs and alcohol. After your treatment program you…

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