Effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment has been the cornerstone of Destination Hope’s programming, providing comprehensive treatment to individuals struggling with both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health symptoms and disorders.  Our program was developed to address a vastly underserved and stigmatized population, addressing the relationship between underlying mental health symptoms and the use of substances as a form of self-medication and coping.  Providing integrative dual diagnosis programming to our clients and their families continues to be the passion and priority of our entire treatment team.

Our Dual Diagnosis program provides each client with an individualized treatment plan developed by our multidisciplinary team to identify the specific interventions needed to address both the mental health and substance abuse issues the client presents to treatment.  Comprehensive programming includes process and didactic groups using a variety of therapeutic modalities, individual and family therapy, intensive psychiatric care, holistic and wellness services, with trauma and gender-specific programming tracks.

Common Co-Occurring Disorders

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 7 million adults struggled with both substance abuse and mental health disorders in 2014.

Substance abuse is sometimes sparked by treatment for a mental disorder. Some may use prescriptions to fuel their addiction while others may self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to control their symptoms. The goal of our Dual Diagnosis program is to help each individual overcome their addiction and develop a clear plan for their future to manage their mental health and thrive in a sober life.

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