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Trauma Resolution Therapy

Trauma Resolution Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Destination Hope’s Trauma Resolution Therapy Program provides comprehensive trauma care to clients and their families seeking resolution and healing from trauma-related challenges.  Our program integrates one-on-one individual sessions, group therapy, family work, meditation, yoga, and psychiatric care to provide a specialized treatment program for individuals suffering the effects of previous traumas.  All services are provided in the safety of our trauma-informed community, with all staff trained and educated on how to address the unique needs of clients with a history of trauma.

Our dedicated trauma team is comprised of clinical trauma professionals trained to provide intensive trauma counseling in a safe and comfortable environment, with primary therapists to develop the most effective treatment plan and interventions.

Our wraparound trauma-informed care includes access to all programs and services to supplement trauma-specific treatment, providing clients with the opportunity to engage in ancillary programming that will enrich their trauma treatment with additional skills, creative outlets, and resources.

The ability to provide continuous care throughout all available levels of services allows a comprehensive treatment plan that provides the structure and flexibility to adapt to the clinical needs of each client.

Client progress and success in our care only can be continued with the necessary support and resources, and our trauma program works closely with our family program to ensure that the progress made while in treatment translates to continued positive outcomes when our clients return to their home environments.

Our goal is to provide exemplary care by compassionate, skilled, dedicated staff that translates into long-term success and positive outcomes.

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Understanding Trauma

Trauma can be induced through various environmental circumstances. The most consistently observed cases result from abusive or violent relationships, disregard and neglect, and psychological or emotional strain. The need for addressing the source of trauma is crucial in preventing any further psychological and physical damage.

When left unchecked, the stress of traumatic situations can further develop into a mental illness called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If you are experiencing trauma, PTSD, or drug and alcohol addiction as a result of a traumatic incident, please contact us. Our trauma resolution therapy programs are individually customized to help you cope with it healthily. We are here to help.

A traumatizing or life-threatening event can be detrimental to a person’s psychiatric state and can lead to chronic feelings of stress and anxiety.

Often, in order to internally manage these symptoms, individuals will turn to a substance as a coping mechanism. Once a person becomes entangled in this cycle, it becomes increasingly difficult to break free and recover from the trauma while also letting go of the substance being abused.

In order to recover from the trauma while preventing future substance abuse, the source of the trauma must be recognized and confronted. This will allow the individual to acknowledge their feelings so that they can begin to receive guidance on methods to cope with it healthily and without the use of substances.

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