Our Family Program

The Family Program at Destination Hope was developed to engage families in the treatment and recovery process for their loved one.  We strongly believe in the support of family in aiding clients to develop healthier interpersonal, intrapersonal, communication and accountability skills as part of their success in recovery from mental health and/or substance abuse.

Drug and alcohol addiction rarely affects only the addict. It can make them behave in irrational and desperate ways, often causing harm to themselves or others, especially those closest to them – their families. As a result, we often see strained or severed family ties for one of two main reasons: either the client has left the family as a result of feeling rejected, unwanted or unloved, or the family has severed ties as a result of stress, anger and anxiety over their substance abusing relative.

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About the Family Program at Destination Hope

Why is Family Therapy So Important During Recovery?