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Can Women’s Drug Rehab Cure Sex Addiction?

September 3, 2014

Women’s drug rehab treatment methods can effectively treat clients of sex addiction. Sex addiction, like substance addiction, can be treated but not cured. However, the best treatment methods and processes can help clients successfully enter the recovery process. Women’s Drug Rehab for Sex Addiction Treatment Women’s drug rehab offers effective treatment for sex addiction as it also involves treatment processes that focus on impulse control, an underlying factor in substance addiction and sex addiction. The main treatment method for sex addiction at women’s drug rehab is psychotherapy. Clients participate in individual, group, family and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions to work…

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Marleana’s Sober Story

July 9, 2014

Before I came to Destination Hope, my relationships were falling apart, I was hurting everyone around me. I felt like I was being torn in a thousand different directions, and unable to make a single decision. I felt broken, hopeless, and completely alone. I had tried to stay clean to no avail. I found myself in and out of working a program, and decided to try something a little different. I traveled about a thousand miles from home to completely start my life over with treatment at Destination Hope. My time at DH has been invaluable to me. I was…

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Can I Talk to Someone at a Womens Drug Rehab Program?

May 27, 2014

Women's drug rehab programs do not keep clients away from their loved ones. You are still able to communicate regularly with your friend or family member in a women's drug rehab program so you may continue to offer your support. Speaking to Someone at Women's Drug Rehab It may be difficult for you to speak with a friend or family member who is attending a women's drug rehab program. It can be painful as they can be worried and be filled with sorrow or other emotions commonly experienced by clients in the beginning of their rehabilitation programs from substance abuse…

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How Heroin Rehab Can Put You in Recovery

February 28, 2014

Heroin rehab can get you into a life of recovery. You are not powerless when it comes to your heroin addiction. You can get the help you need from heroin rehab and combined with your willingness to change and your dedication to the process, you can emerge successful and ready to continue recovery well beyond heroin rehab. Addiction to Heroin Addiction to heroin is dangerous to both your medical and psychological health. Heroin belongs to a family of drugs called opiates and opiates are powerful substances with very addictive properties. Heroin users succumb to numerous health problems and an unfortunate…

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The Role of Women’s Drug Rehab after Treatment Ends

February 24, 2014

Women’s drug rehab will continue to be a source of education, support, strength and guidance for you even after your substance addiction treatment program has come to an end. The special services and programs offered at your women’s drug rehab will serve as a most useful assistance to you in your recovery along with your own practices and initiatives in maintaining clean living in recovery. Recovery is a Process There is no cure for addiction. This means that your recovery must be continuously worked on in order to remain successfully clean from drugs and alcohol. After your treatment program you…

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What Happens at Women’s Drug Rehab

January 24, 2014

Women’s drug rehab can get your life to a healthier and more stable place on the journey of recovery. If you have a drug abuse and addiction problem, you may be wondering just what exactly happens at women’s drug rehab centers. This guide gives you the breakdown of what to expect as far as treatment methods, peers, environment and results, so you can feel comfortably equipped with enough information to get to a women’s drug rehab today. The Women’s Drug Rehab Experience Your women’s drug rehab should be in a clean, comfortable and encouraging environment where you can focus on…

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What is Women’s Drug Rehab?

January 20, 2014

Women’s drug rehab is a gender-specific substance abuse and addiction rehabilitation program designed to give female clients the best, most specific treatment available. Women’s drug rehab has several unique benefits for women as compared to mixed-gender rehabilitation programs for female clients. It’s a highly personalized program designed to focus on the key differences between men and women, and how that informs addiction and recovery. The Drug Rehab Experience Women’s drug rehab and traditional mixed-gender drug rehabilitation centers offer the same main methods of treatment. The first step is the detoxification process, to rid the body of substances such as alcohol…

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10 Resolutions to Ring in the New Year

December 27, 2013

Women‘s drug rehab encourages you to ring in the New Year with these 10 resolutions for sobriety! Suggested Resolutions From Women’s Drug Rehab 1: Avoid Negative Influences in Your Life Stop spending time with enablers and people who you have used with in the past. This also includes cutting off contact with dealers and connections for substances for the safety of you and your recovery. Even family members who continue to use should be avoided. 2: Remember the Program When you leave your women‘s drug rehab program, don‘t forget what you learned about yourself, about addiction, about relapse and about…

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Happy Thanksgiving from Women’s Drug Rehab

November 27, 2013

Women’s drug rehab wishes you a very happy, very safe and sober Thanksgiving 2013. Remember that addiction takes no time off so remain strong in your programs to get through the holiday season successfully and safely. Thanksgiving Challenges Thanksgiving, along with other major holidays, presents a challenging situation for clients in recovery. Though the holiday may certainly be enjoyable and celebratory, many triggers are presented a bit more prominently at this time of year. One such trigger is the presence of high-risk situations, such as holiday family dinners and holiday parties. Women’s Drug Rehab Program Tools for Thanksgiving Have an…

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Moments of Clarity in Women’s Drug Rehab

November 22, 2013

Women’s drug rehab can bring many moments of clarity to treatment program participants. If you are active in your treatment programs and truly want to recover, you may experience breakthroughs during treatment, which then serve as the stepping stones to recovery. These moments of clarity can give you the tools you need to lead successful lives of recovery and may stay with you as deterrents against relapse for many years to come. Breakthroughs in Treatment These moments of clarity in women’s drug rehab are referred to as breakthroughs. These are the “eureka” moments of therapy. These realizations put a spotlight…

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