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Why Choose Destination Hope

A Pillar of Strength in the Behavioral Health Industry

Destination Health has been a leader in the field of addiction and mental health treatment since 2006. We have developed some of the most effective programs to help our clients enjoy lasting recovery. Our gender specific and family treatment programs have been modeled by other programs across the United States. So, what makes Destination Hope different?

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Focus on Clinical Development – Destination Hope places a particular emphasis on staff and clinical development and training. We invest in our clinicians and all our staff, providing them with opportunities to develop their skills and broaden their expertise with the goal of providing comprehensive care for the unique needs of our clients.

Program Development  We are constantly evaluating and reevaluating existing and new programs. We further ensure that the clinicians and staff associated with those programs are properly trained to offer effective care, all while keeping the client engaged in their treatment.

Trauma Expertise  All DH therapists are certified clinical trauma professionals and that sets DH apart. No matter the primary problem, whether it’s substance abuse or mental health, trauma is typically a component for clients seeking treatment. Actively addressing that important component further separates us from most.

Specialized Training  We prioritize ongoing training with our support staff – nurses, behavioral health technicians, housing supervisors – in addition to LGTBQ training, trauma training and cultural competency training. We have in-person trainers to address the nuances of managing and responding to clients in the most appropriate, culturally sensitive, and effective way.

Experience Destination Hope has been a leader in behavioral health treatment for over a decade, with many staff employed for much of that time. Our dedication to patient care, involving family in the recovery process and the desire of the staff to grow, learn and develop new programming, is part of what has kept us at the front of the pack among mental health treatment centers.

Dual Diagnosis Expertise We’ve seen many “dual diagnosis treatment centers” that can help people struggling with substance use and some mild mental health concerns. But the vast majority aren’t capable of providing quality services to people who have primary mental health issues and co-occurring substance use.

Destination Hope has been a comprehensive mental health treatment program from day one. What makes us a leader in dual-diagnosis treatment is that we treat all mental health disorders with the same rigorous attention to detail as we do addiction. We can provide comprehensive care for clients that are mental health or substance abuse primary and are able to utilize all those tools to address underlying co-occurring issues.

Our Location Our wellness program introduces patients to the best of what Florida has to offer. South Florida’s tropical climate makes year-round outdoor outings possible and we find exposure to nature to have many positive, therapeutic attributes. As a holistic treatment program focused on nurturing not only the body, but the mind and soul as well, we use our location and grounds to maximum advantage. 

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