Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Residential treatment, also known as inpatient treatment involves entering a medical facility where you remain overnight. Most inpatient programs last for 30, 60, or 90 days, and clients remain in the facility the majority of their time to receive therapy and counseling.

Many clients choose inpatient treatment at alcohol and drug treatment programs because they provide 24/7 clinical supervision and support. Inpatient treatment is ideal for individuals who believe their current lifestyle or living conditions make it very difficult, if not almost impossible to stay safe and sober.

The structured environment and abundance of support leads to peace of mind for most clients in an inpatient treatment setting, whether they are there for addiction, a mental health disorder or both.

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Some of the benefits of checking-in at an inpatient treatment program include:

Ongoing medical assistance

Individual & group therapies

Dual diagnosis treatment

12-step community meetings

Medical treatment/assistance

Comfortable community living & furnishings

Proximity to luxurious South Florida beaches

At Destination Hope in Fort Lauderdale, FL, our alcohol and drug inpatient treatment programs are evidence-based and comprehensive. We utilize methods that provide powerful healing. We carefully listen and provide feedback to our clients and their families, allowing them to consciously make goals on their road to sobriety. Everything we do here is designed to help prepare you for a lifetime of recovery.

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Our methods of treatment are among the most specialized in the United States. We immerse clients daily in real-life situations with others in the community so that they develop practical skills. These skills become habits that are critical for fighting and successfully preventing relapse.

We also offer an Intensive Outpatient Program and Partial Hospitalization Program which patients can progress to following their inpatient treatment in a step-down system that gradually reintroduces the newly recovered person to the world. 

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