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Balancing Outpatient Drug Rehab and Your Other Responsibilities

October 6, 2013

Outpatient drug rehab programs and the recovery process are meant to come first before all other responsibilities of clients. It can be a strange new mindset to adjust to but the reality is that a strong commitment gets results. An outpatient drug rehab program presents a good opportunity to work towards recovery while having the chance to keep up with your work and family lives. Outpatient Drug Rehab Outpatient drug rehab programs are often more affordable than inpatient programs, making them a more attractive or realistic option for many clients. For those with a great support system at home, outpatient…

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5 Women’s Drug Rehab Secrets

September 26, 2013

Women’s drug rehab programs include therapy treatments that are tailored to the differences in women biologically, psychologically and in their roles in society. These five secrets of women’s drug rehab programs can help you adapt well and progress towards success. Women’s drug rehab clients are just like you. Understanding this can help you know that you are not alone. You may meet and spend lots of time with other women who have been through the same or similar experiences as you. Realizing you are not alone can be a strong step towards a feeling of hope and empowerment. Women benefit…

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10 tips for overcoming addiction from drug abuse program graduates

January 30, 2013

A drug abuse program or overcoming your addiction may sound impossible to you right now. However, there are many resources available to help you! Here are 10 tips to help you walk through the best journey you will ever choose to take, we hope you follow through with them and achieve a successful path to recovery! 10 Keys To Recovery From Drug Abuse Program Graduates 1. Make a decision The first step of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse or addiction is to admit that you are powerless over your addiction and that your life is no longer in your…

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Learn about Drug Rehab for Women

January 11, 2013

An alcohol and drug rehab for women can mean a new beginning. Women who go through an alcohol and drug rehab program are given a chance to live a new life in recovery better than the one they have been living while suffering from an addiction. Destination Hope: The Women’s Program understands that potential lies within each woman enrolled in their drug and alcohol rehab programs and provides the tools and support needed by each of them to achieve that life. There are many types of addiction out there and addiction amongst women is a growing concern. That is why…

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Resolved to Overcome Addiction? Learn about Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment can be a scary thought, but continuing to live under the thumb of your addiction is even scarier.  Many women resolve to overcome their addiction each year.  With hard work and dedication, thousands are successful and by year end many will be living the sober, healthy and productive lives they’ve dreamed about. Conquering Medical Detox and Getting Clean Though the detoxification process may seem scary to women, it plays an incredibly pivotal role in the substance abuse treatment process. Seen as the first step towards recovery, it is designed to help cleanse the body of the harmful…

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5 Wonderful Things You Can Accomplish In 2013 From Women’s Drug Rehab

December 24, 2012

Women’s drug rehab centers are places for hope, especially around the New Year. Many women set goals for themselves in 2013, and if you’re thinking about doing the same, we’ve put together our ABCs for 2013. 2013 Goals From Women’s Drug Rehab A. ACCEPT needing help and accept help offered. Simply entering a women's drug rehab center doesn’t always mean that you have accepted that you need help or that you are accepting the help that is offered.  Many women have as much difficulty accepting help offered as they do accepting the need for intervention. Look at the sources of…

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Great Gift Ideas For Those in Recovery From Substance & Alcohol Abuse

December 10, 2012

Substance and alcohol abuse can rob you of your life.  Rebuilding after drug and alcohol abuse treatment can be a long but rewarding journey.  Holiday gift time can be a bit awkward when you are trying to rebuild your nest egg after substance and alcohol abuse, especially if your family members like to give big gifts or gifts to everyone.  Instead of feeling caught up in the holiday materialism, use your recovery to focus on what matters the most, the gratitude and love you feel for those around you who have supported you.  The same ways you express gratitude to…

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Dealing With Substance Abuse & Depression in Women During The Holidays

December 5, 2012

Depression in women who also suffer from substance abuse problems often rises during the holidays.  Many women feel pressure to perform and exceed familiar expectations during the holidays, to make the perfect holiday for their loved ones.  Unfortunately the combination of substance abuse or alcohol problems and depression can make the holidays incredibly difficult for many women. Treatment for substance abuse problems and depression in women can help make the holidays easier to handle.  Depression and substance abuse problems are often linked because the underlying cause of both can be the same.  Many women have underlying issues rooted in family,…

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More Babies Being Born with Drug Addiction

May 11, 2012

Drug addiction can strike at a young age.  Earlier this month the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an alarming study- that in the past decade there has been a threefold increase in the number of babies born addicted to prescription drugs. Babies born with drug addiction are often underweight, have difficulty eating and gaining weight, and suffer from tremors or seizures.  Birth it seems is the equivalent of going through withdrawal. Let’s take a look at drug addiction, how it affects families and the link to family therapy. Drug Addiction: The Impact on Families Drug addiction has…

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Women’s Drug Rehab Reminds Us All to be Grateful

March 30, 2012

People wind up in women’s drug rehab for a variety of reasons. Some suffer from a dual diagnosis and turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate their symptoms. Some were victims of domestic violence and tried to cope with what happened to them through substance abuse. And others still were just following the example set forth for them from a young age by a parent or guardian. The point is that no one intentionally sets out to develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol but it’s still something that happens every day. It’s up to each and…

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