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5 Things Celebs Have Taught Us About Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment is often a hot topic in celebrity news. This actually comes along with some great benefits for the recovery community, as we have been able to learn so much from their experiences. Here are five things famous figures have taught us about substance abuse treatment.

1. Substance Abuse Treatment Takes Time.

Substance abuse treatment requires time, hard work and commitment for success. Clients who leave their treatment programs early or only commit to very short periods of time for treatment are usually featured in the headlines soon after for relapse. There is no quick fix or magic bandage for recovery success.

2. Sometimes You Need to Go More than Once.

Sometimes the strong force of triggers makes clients’ recoveries waver. It is always a great decision to go back to substance abuse treatment if you feel your recovery is no longer stable and to remember that it’s always better to return to rehabilitation before relapse.

This is one of the reasons why many clients prefer to attend outpatient substance abuse treatment after completing an inpatient program. It provides more time for the treatment process and it also helps clients strengthen in recovery and get acclimated to their home environments prior to leaving treatment.

3. It is Okay to Talk about Substance Abuse Treatment.

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are in recovery from substance abuse and addiction. The more you can speak about your recovery, the more active you will be in your recovery efforts (such as speaking at support group meetings) and as well the more your family and friends will be able to understand the recovery process and your needs in order to continue working towards success.

4. Addiction Can Happen to Anyone.

No one is immune from the possibility of becoming addicted to substances. Addiction does not discriminate and it affects people from all age groups, backgrounds, income levels and social statuses. Hearing a well-loved celebrity speak about their experiences with addiction and substance abuse treatment can be so inspiring for clients. It is proof that you are not alone and that you too can fight addiction and reach a stable recovery.

5. It Can Be Hard to Watch People We Admire Suffer.

You may not know your favorite celebrities but it doesn’t change the fact that it can hurt to hear about their suffering. The same applies to the people in your life who don’t want you to suffer.

If you or a woman you love is having problems with drug abuse, alcohol dependency or mental illness, women’s drug rehab may be the answer.  Remember that recovery from addiction and alcohol abuse treatment means learning how to cope with intensely emotional situations and identifying when you need help and support.  Treatment for addiction relapse, counseling and aftercare can help you do this, so please call us today.  Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is a full service addiction and women’s health treatment facility in Florida for women who suffer from substance abuse and behavioral health issues.