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What To Expect

A Day in the Life

Our rehabilitation programs are designed to deliver the best evidence-based addiction treatment methods and services in a safe and comfortable environment. Our days start early to encourage active living and include a number of recovery activities along with time for rest and relaxation to help keep stress to a minimum. Everyone’s day will look a bit different since each person’s program is tailored to his or her needs.

Recovery Activities

A typical day includes a number of recovery activities and experiences. Clients will attend counseling sessions like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, group therapy (along with other rehab peers), or family therapy (usually less frequent because of the coordination of multiple family member’s schedules). 

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Support group meetings are a daily occurrence in treatment. Meetings can take place on or off-site and may include members of a local recovery community in addition to peers in rehab at Destination Hope. We cultivate an environment of support, strength, and respect. Sharing your struggles and experiences is encouraged, as is openness and honesty about your work towards recovery. Some days you may have a guest lecturer or other special event. Guest lecturers are often individuals in recovery who have overcome their struggles whose stories are a great source of inspiration.

Relaxation Activities

We encourage social interaction, recreation, and downtime for clients to relax every day. We understand that recovery and addiction management can be emotionally difficult tasks, especially as you cope with personal issues. Stress is a major impediment to health and recovery, so special time is set aside each day for personal interests, rest and relaxation, leisure time with your peers, wellness activities, exercise, and other health initiatives.

Recreation activities usually involve other peers in the program and may include utilizing the fitness equipment, a yoga class or a session with the chiropractor. Your stress management time will consist of learning how to control your stress levels via techniques like journaling or breathing exercises. You may take part in lifestyle counseling, where you will learn how to shape your life in a way that is more beneficial for healthy and recovered living. We want our clients to feel comfortable throughout our facilities, and we have designed our space with comfort, healing, and openness in mind.

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