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Can Alcohol Rehab Work For Me?

June 16, 2021

Alcohol rehab is an incredibly helpful lifeline to individuals suffering from an alcohol dependence. Assessing your alcohol intake and dependency is required to determine your particular level of alcohol abuse. The lines are often very blurred between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction, but what’s important to note is that they are both centered around problem drinking.

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Case Study – Middle Aged Female with Co-Occurring Disorders

June 9, 2021

A middle-aged female arrived at Destination Hope’s residential level of care voluntarily due to mental health diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder with alcohol and cocaine abuse in remission. The client had spent time in recovery prior to her admission, reporting to residential level of care due to her inability to manage her severe mental health symptoms – sharing with staff members “I didn’t relapse, things just got really bad for me, and I want to just nip it in the bud”. The client arrived to treatment from her halfway house expressing to the therapist: “I took some advice to get some help, that’s why I came here, I didn’t relapse.” The client demonstrated motivation at both Residential and PHP levels of care to address her underlying mental health symptoms, gain coping skills, and participate in the therapeutic process. The client also presented with secondary emotional / psychological symptoms of unresolved grief, anger and resentment, and unresolved feelings of guilt. Lastly, poor stress management and lack of balance in her life became important focuses of her treatment as well.

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What Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)?

June 2, 2021

If you’ve been looking into different drug or alcohol rehab options, you may have learned about intensive outpatient treatment programs, or IOP. This unique form of addiction treatment allows clients to participate in therapy and work on their recovery skills while continuing to live at home and attend school or work.

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DH Case Study: Successful Middle-Aged Woman – Depression with Substance Abuse

May 26, 2021

Client was a middle-aged successful businesswoman, an active mother to her children, and a wife to her husband. She presented to treatment to address areas such as mood instability, anxiety, trauma, and substance use disorder. Client reported the day before entering treatment, she was severely depressed, and informed her mother and husband that she did not want to wake up anymore. This is reported to be the breaking point for her to seek treatment. Client also struggles with co-dependency issues with her mother that was caused by her toxic relationship with her husband, as she would constantly turn to her mother for help and support.

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Q&A with Anna Racicot, DH’s Wellness Coordinator

May 19, 2021

Q: You’re the Wellness Coordinator here at DH. What does that mean?

A: I act as the organizer for groups like our yoga therapy group, which is one of our most popular. We also have mindfulness and meditation which is a huge part of the recovery process in dealing with depression and anxiety – it’s really beneficial. We also introduced a music group which includes the use of music as a therapeutic tool and is highly effective – it’s really fun, too! The clients absolutely adore it.

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Case Study: 50-Year-Old Woman Bipolar with Substance Abuse

May 12, 2021

Client was a 50-year-old female presenting to Destination Hope for substance abuse and mental health treatment. Client presented with a history of trauma, depression, anxiety and PTSD and was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Client’s mental health symptoms were exacerbated by her substance abuse history. Client had abandonment issues that stem from her parents divorcing and client’s mother leaving her when she was 13 to work and live on her own. Client had been a primary caregiver throughout her life and suffered from ‘burn out.” Client has a history of sexual and physical abuse which caused her to act out in promiscuous ways. She attempted treatment many times but always relapsed which added to her guilt and shame. Client was licensed in the medical field until she had to surrender her license due to her substance abuse and mental health decline. Client also had multiple suicide attempt with acute feelings of hopelessness.  Client entered into our residential level of care with high hopes of building a sober support network gaining back her self-esteem and developing healthy relationships.

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Why In-Person Substance Abuse Treatment Is Better Than Online

May 5, 2021

The COVID pandemic has created a new age of alternatives to in-person therapy in the form of telehealth. While this has been beneficial in slowing the spread of the virus, does the outcome of online therapy measure up to the outcomes of in-person treatment? In this article we will weigh the pros and cons of in-person therapy and online therapy to discuss which is best suited for mental health and substance abuse treatment.

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Case Study: Alcohol Abuse with Co-Occurring Anxiety

April 28, 2021

Our client was a male in his early 20s and presented for treatment for alcohol use disorder and reported he had been drinking daily for 2 years. He was on short term disability and employed. This was his first-time seeking treatment.

Person in a gray hoodie with a beer bottle looking down at a freeway

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Building a Relationship With Yourself After Addiction

April 27, 2021

Guy sitting on top of a mountain with the sun setting

Recovery from substance abuse and addiction requires a number of different commitments. One of the issues on which you will have to work is your relationships with people. How will treatment help you re-form these relationships with those around you? To get there, you must first repair the relationship with yourself.

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Getting a Job After Drug Rehab Program

Drug rehabilitation program clients may find that the experience of seeking employment after rehabilitation can be very stressful. Use these tips to help you to reduce stress and put your best foot forward during your search for employment.   Tip #1: Do Not Assume the Worst. Do not begin your job search efforts with the expectation that it will be bad or that you will fail. Going about this or any other effort with a negative mindset can only create additional stress and set you up for failure. Thinking positively can be a great help while searching for employment, just…

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