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Alcohol Rehab For Women

Can Alcohol Rehab Work For Me?

Alcohol rehab is an incredibly helpful lifeline to individuals suffering from an alcohol dependence. Assessing your alcohol intake and dependency is required to determine your particular level of alcohol abuse. The lines are often very blurred between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction, but what’s important to note is that they are both centered around problem drinking.

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Ways to Celebrate Graduating from Women’s Drug Rehab

Graduating from a rehabilitation facility is an exciting event and should be celebrated in grand fashion. We make a big deal of every milestone – from receiving our driver’s license, to moving into our first apartment, to our work anniversaries. Recovering from addiction is no exception – and it takes much more hard work than studying for any exam. It is normal to be hesitant about congratulating yourself as a recovering addict. However, celebrating is more important for someone recovering from addiction than anyone else. It is fulfilling to remind yourself of where you were, and how far you have…

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Alcohol and Breast Cancer: Study Reveals New Link

Doctors have noted five medical conditions that are of great concern to women: heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression and autoimmune diseases. Scientific research has identified particular risk factors for each disease, which helps inform women about steps they can take to protect themselves.

Among the major health concerns they’re facing, breast cancer may be on the minds of women more than any other. This is quite understandable, since it can have far-reaching implications for mental and physical health. It is also second only to lung cancer as the leading cause of death for women.

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Living with Alcoholism: Is Controlled Drinking Possible?

Alcoholism is more than just a drinking problem. The condition is marked by symptoms that include compulsive thoughts about drinking, distorted thinking and a lack of control over alcohol consumption. The general consensus on alcoholism is that affected people are unable to return to a problem-free level of drinking, and treatment programs typically focus on complete abstinence. However, some critics of this approach argue that alcoholics can return to a state of controlled drinking with moderate, responsible alcohol consumption. The Disease Model of Alcoholism The concept of alcoholism as a chronic medical condition of the brain is known as the…

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Do You Need Alcohol Rehab for Women?

Alcohol rehab for women is an area of recovery that does not get the mainstream media attention of illicit drug treatment specialties and other narcotic addictions due to the legality of alcohol not to mention its widespread availability and acceptance. This often lends itself to the false impression that alcohol is not as habit forming as other addictive substances. This could not be farther from the truth. Alcohol is the most abused substance in this country and over 13% of women in the United States consume more than the recommended intake. Alcohol rehab for women became that much more prevalent…

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Dependence vs. Addiction: What’s the Difference?

Differentiating between a physical dependence on a substance and an addiction helps determine the best way to handle a loved one's substance abuse. In some cases, a loved one does not actually abuse drugs or alcohol due to an addiction; instead, her body craves the substance or she abuses the drugs due to the physical reactions that occur when she does not use the substance. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (1) says that addiction and dependence have similarities, but they are also very different. What is Dependence? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica (2), physical dependence refers to the tolerance…

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What is alcoholism treatment?

Alcohol treatment is the process of detoxification and rehabilitation for those who are addicted to alcohol or who abuse it. Alcoholism rates are unfortunately quite high in the United States, due in part to the fact that alcohol is a commonly available addictive substance. The fine line between proper consumption and substance abuse is all too easily crossed, and sometimes individuals come to realize that they have a substance abuse problem and need help. It’s never too late to seek treatment for substance abuse or alcoholism and Destination Hope has a wide variety of custom tailored programs to fit your…

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The Basics of an Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol rehab center programs are designed to give you the best, tried-and-true treatment methods and services in a safe, comfortable and encouraging environment. The typical day at the alcohol rehab center begins early to encourage active living and consists of a number of treatment or recovery-beneficial activities, in addition to time for rest and relaxation to help do away with stress. Learn what it’s like to experience a typical day in treatment. Psychotherapy Sessions You will participate in psychotherapy sessions each day to maximize your time spent at the alcohol rehab center. You can expect to participate in individual, group…

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How Do I Know If I Need Alcoholism Treatment?

Alcoholism treatment is a tried-and-true, effective solution to help you reach recovery from alcohol addiction. Many clients experience denial prior to admitting to themselves and others that they are truly powerless over alcohol. It can be all too easy to explain away your actions and to believe you have things under control. Let these signs be your guide to determine if you may in fact be in need of alcoholism treatment. Signs of Alcoholism You have tried to drink less or to stop drinking and have been unable to do so. You experience withdrawal symptoms when you do not drink.…

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Alcoholism Treatment & Christmas

Alcoholism treatment does not take a break during the holiday season, but you can still enjoy this special time of year. Find new ways to enjoy the holidays with new, healthy, recovery-friendly family traditions. Remember the True Meaning of the Holidays The holiday season will seem less challenging for you when you consider what they are really supposed to be about. Instead of reminiscing about wild holiday parties in the past or consuming holiday-themed alcoholic drinks at home, remember that none of these activities have anything at all to do with the meaning of Christmas or any of the other…

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