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Can Alcohol Rehab Work For Me?

Alcohol rehab can serve as an incredibly helpful lifeline to individuals suffering from an alcohol addiction. Assessing your alcohol intake and dependency is required at first to determine your particular level of alcohol abuse. The lines are often very blurred between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction, but what’s important to note is that they are both centered around problem drinking.

Just because you have not reached the physical dependence stage of your alcohol abuse does not mean that you don’t have a problem with alcohol and couldn’t significantly benefit from an alcohol rehab facility.

Physical dependence on alcohol includes having an increased tolerance to the substance, i.e. requiring more and more of it to reach the same level of intoxication as well as drinking more and longer than planned while having trouble reducing your intake.

Alcohol Rehab Helps Prevent Relapse

Quitting any addictive substance without the necessary help and supervision recommended is never an easy feat. Some addicts will be able to curb their drinking for a short time, however these occurrences are almost always temporary and highly prone to relapse. Admitting oneself into an alcohol rehab treatment center can increase a person’s chances of maintaining long term sobriety upwards of 70 percent!

These treatment centers can aid in your recovery efforts dramatically for a variety of reasons. For starters, these are controlled environments and therefore there is no alcohol allowed on premise at any times. Secondly, these facilities are designed to find and treat the underlying cause of the alcohol abuse, rather than just the symptoms associated with the addiction.

What that means is that there is usually a co-occurring mental disorder like depression or bipolar disorder to name a few, further complicating addictions and their recovery efforts. Clinicians and therapists should be trained to screen for all of these possible conditions so they can be properly diagnosed and treated simultaneously.

Without treating the co-occurring illnesses at the same time, getting control of either is extremely unlikely. Quality alcohol rehab facilities should employ the exact professionals needed to do this.

Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is an alcohol, drug, and dual diagnosis treatment center for women in South Florida with expert knowledge and experience treating women with alcoholism. The highly trained staff at Destination Hope know the stresses every woman suffers while trying to battle her addiction and is focused adamantly on providing the proper care and support necessary to help her conquer it.

This alcohol rehab is so well versed in alcoholism and the treatment of it that they have opened a school called the Addiction Academy that teaches addiction counseling to other professionals in the industry who want to learn how to better help treat their clients.

Addiction is a crippling illness that can seemingly bring your life to a screeching halt. Unable to move forward, you find yourself sinking lower and lower into its grasp to the point that escaping from it seems impossible. The professionals at Destination Hope: The Women’s Program want to help you or your loved one free herself from this toxic illness like they have helped so many others before. Please call us so we can help you take control of your life back. We’re ready to hear from you!