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Do You Need Alcohol Rehab for Women?

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Alcohol rehab for women is an area of recovery that does not get the mainstream media attention of illicit drug treatment specialties and other narcotic addictions due to the legality of alcohol not to mention its widespread availability and acceptance.

This often lends itself to the false impression that alcohol is not as habit forming as other addictive substances. This could not be farther from the truth. Alcohol is the most abused substance in this country and over 13% of women in the United States consume more than the recommended intake.

Alcohol rehab for women became that much more prevalent when studies suggested that over 5 million women in this country drink to a point that endangers their health, safety and general well-being. This includes women’s increased susceptibility to brain and heart disease as opposed to men as a result of alcohol abuse. This also includes the substantially greater risk of women being subjected to a violent attack or sexual assault as a result of heavy drinking.
When is Alcohol Rehab for Women Necessary?
Generally speaking, alcohol is considered abused when the consumption of it affects the general safety of the person drinking or others around them. This encompasses when an individual puts friends and family members in harms way, such as drinking and driving.

Alcohol rehab for women may be necessary when the following indicators are becoming prevalent over a 12 month period of time:

When she is starting to neglect her personal responsibilities such as showing up for work and taking care of her children as a result of alcohol abuse. This is a massive indicator of alcohol addiction.
Another great indicator as mentioned above is when she is putting herself and others in danger by operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.
A third and equally significant sign that alcohol rehab for women may be necessary is when she continues to drink despite strained relationships and tension due to alcohol abuse with her friends and loved ones.

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Unfortunately, alcohol abuse in the United States will likely continue to rise until more stringent restrictions are placed on the accessibility and consumption of alcohol or at least until more knowledge is communicated to the public on the severely addictive nature of alcohol.

Alcohol rehab for women as well as men can be a very successful treatment option for those who are ready and determined to live a substance free life. Traditional programs will start with some sort of medically supervised detox program to safely monitor each client while their body reacts to the withdrawal of alcohol.

Many facilities that offer alcohol rehab for women work in conjunction with a detox facility rather than house them internally so they’re able to focus completely on the after care and personalized treatment plans to achieve long-term sobriety when they arrive at rehab.

If you fear that you or a loved one is starting to or has been consistently abusing alcohol, please give Destination Hope a call.  Our counselors are available to discuss your alcohol abuse, give you advice, and help you get into treatment.

Destination Hope  is the premier treatment center for alcohol rehab in South Florida. Contact us now so together we can start building towards your future, today.

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