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What’s the Link Between Empathy and Addiction?

Empathy and addiction have a very important connection. Clients of addiction are typically not empathetic individuals. Addiction makes clients focus on themselves and they put their needs before the needs of all others. Learning how to become empathetic is vital in the addiction recovery process.

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Alcoholism Treatment & Christmas

Alcoholism treatment does not take a break during the holiday season, but you can still enjoy this special time of year. Find new ways to enjoy the holidays with new, healthy, recovery-friendly family traditions. Remember the True Meaning of the Holidays The holiday season will seem less challenging for you when you consider what they are really supposed to be about. Instead of reminiscing about wild holiday parties in the past or consuming holiday-themed alcoholic drinks at home, remember that none of these activities have anything at all to do with the meaning of Christmas or any of the other…

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1st Thanksgiving after Drug Rehab for Women? Survival Tips

Drug rehab for women is a safe environment where you are free to work on your recovery away from harmful triggers for substance use. If this is your first Thanksgiving holiday following treatment at drug rehab for women, you may be feeling anxious, worried, stressed or overwhelmed. Holidays can bring out these emotions in many people, even people who are not clients of addiction. However, these emotions are dangerous for your recovery. Use these tips for getting past this Thanksgiving with a strong and stable recovery. Tip #1: Take Care of Yourself. As you learned in drug rehab for women,…

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Drug Rehab in Florida: Tips for Your 1st Holidays Sober

Drug rehab in Florida was a safe place for you, a controlled environment where you were safely away from the dangerous triggers of substance use. Your first sober holiday season may be a little intimidating for you. Use these tips to help you get through this time of year with your recovery as strong and stable as ever. Tip #1: Consider Invitations Carefully. You do not have to say “yes” to every party or dinner invitation you receive. Pay attention to what type of event it is, what type of guests to expect and what sorts of activities and occurrences…

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Alcohol Treatment Program Myths Families Have

Alcohol treatment program clients’ families often believe a number of myths regarding the rehabilitation experience. Learn the truth about these common myths to gain a better understanding of what addiction is and how the alcohol treatment program works.

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Dual Diagnosis: Eating Disorders and Addiction- Combating the Myths

Dual diagnosis treatment is effective for treating clients of addiction and eating disorders. There are a number of myths in existence where eating disorders and addiction are concerned. Learn the truth about this very serious dual diagnosis, as well as how dual diagnosis treatment can help. Myth #1: An Eating Disorder May Be Identified Simply By Looking at a Person. Not everyone who is ultra-thin has an eating disorder. In fact, clients of eating disorders come in many shapes and sizes. Myth #2: Media Glorification of Ultra-Thin Women Causes Eating Disorders. Media glorification of very thin body standards including unrealistic…

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Dual Diagnosis Kills Two Birds with One Stone

Dual diagnosis treatment works on treating both addiction and mental illness at the same time. It is the only means of reaching a successful recovery process for clients of addiction and at least one mental health disorder because addiction affects the mental health and vice versa. The Dual Diagnosis A dual diagnosis is when a client of addiction has been diagnosed with at least one accompanying mental health disorder. Mental illness often goes undiagnosed but it can be a major contributing factor in a client's addiction. Whether the diagnosis is addiction and depression, addiction and anxiety or some other combination,…

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Nicole’s Sober Story

My name is Nicole and I am a proud DH alumnus. I arrived at DH on February 7, 2014, as a very tired and unhappy person. My addiction is to alcohol. My story is not a sad one in the beginning. I was born into great privilege. I attended private schools and traveled the world. As the baby of a large family, I never heard the word no. I tell you this because addiction is a disease that has no boundaries. Instead of stealing to get my wine I just used my credit card. Addiction does not discriminate it can attack everyone. It obviously took me longer to hit bottom due to my circumstances, but I eventually did after years of off-and-on drinking. Due to many family tragedies, I used alcohol to self-medicate and it worked for a while… until it didn’t. When I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired I sought help.

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Will Exercise Help My Drug Rehab in Florida?

Drug rehab in Florida addiction treatment methods may be supplemented by the benefits of exercise. Exercise helps the body and mind as well as addiction recovery, according to numerous studies. Some rehab facilities are even incorporating exercise into their treatments so clients may enjoy a number of physical, mental and psychological benefits. Drug Rehab in Florida: The Physical Benefits of Exercise Rehabilitation centers incorporating exercise into their treatment programs allow clients to gain a number of physical health benefits including the following: Weight Loss and Weight Management Improved Muscle Strength Energy Boosts More Restful Sleep Circulation Improvement Psychological Benefits (brought…

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Horses in an Alcohol Rehab Center? Why Not!

Alcohol rehab center programs sometimes offer less conventional therapeutic methods as a supplement to traditional treatment which can produce beneficial results. One such therapy method is the introduction of horses into alcohol treatment for equine therapy.

The Alcohol Rehab Center & Equine Therapy

Just as a number of pediatric hospitals and geriatric hospital wards bring in cats and dogs to assist medical patients in recovering faster, some alcohol rehab center programs are now introducing horses into their treatment methods. This type of therapy, equine therapy, goes beyond the emotional, health and wellness benefits of being in close proximity to or petting an animal – it serves to help clients recover from addiction. Spending time and interacting with horses at the alcohol rehab center helps clients to get in touch with their emotions, learn core skills, lower their anxiety, improve self-confidence, improve self-esteem and more. This is so effective because horses are so similar to humans socially and with regards to emotional response.

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