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Drug Rehab in Florida: Tips for Your 1st Holidays Sober

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Drug rehab in Florida was a safe place for you, a controlled environment where you were safely away from the dangerous triggers of substance use. Your first sober holiday season may be a little intimidating for you. Use these tips to help you get through this time of year with your recovery as strong and stable as ever.

Tip #1: Consider Invitations Carefully.

You do not have to say “yes” to every party or dinner invitation you receive. Pay attention to what type of event it is, what type of guests to expect and what sorts of activities and occurrences may be expected. Avoid events that are likely to include high stress situations and triggers (i.e. friends or family who continue to use or who used with you in the past or places of substance abuse).

Tip #2: Think of What You Have Gained from Drug Rehab in Florida.

Reflect on how far you have come in your recovery, how much you have learned and gained and how good it feels to be recovered.

Tip #3: Watch Out for Nostalgia.

Nostalgia about holidays past is lovely but be careful to avoid feelings of nostalgia for alcohol and drugs.

Tip #4: Create Boundaries.

Prepare yourself by creating boundaries in advance. This will help you to continue to stay away from harmful triggers during this particularly stressful time of year.

Tip #5: Make New Holiday Traditions.

As a recovered client, it is likely that your holiday traditions prior to drug rehab in Florida are not compatible with a recovered lifestyle. Use this first holiday season to begin to create new and enjoyable traditions that support a healthy lifestyle and abstinence from substance use.

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Tip #6: Set Small, Attainable Goals.

Do not try to achieve too much at once. This can quickly set you up for failure and discourage you in your recovery efforts. Take things one step at a time and reach for one small goal at a time.

Tip #7: Take Care of Yourself.

It can be all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and end up completely depleted. Get enough sleep, enjoy proper nutrition and continue to exercise. A healthy lifestyle supports your recovery, improves your mental and physical health and helps to reduce stress – a major trigger for substance use.

Tip #8: Work on Your Recovery as Usual.

Drug rehab in Florida advises that you avoid neglecting your recovery work in any way during the holiday season. This means keeping up with support group meetings, using your relapse prevention strategies and keeping in contact with your sponsor.

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