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Nicole’s Sober Story

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My name is Nicole and I am a proud DH alumnus. I arrived at DH on February 7, 2014, as a very tired and unhappy person. My addiction is to alcohol. My story is not a sad one in the beginning. I was born into great privilege. I attended private schools and traveled the world. As the baby of a large family, I never heard the word no. I tell you this because addiction is a disease that has no boundaries. Instead of stealing to get my wine I just used my credit card. Addiction does not discriminate it can attack everyone. It obviously took me longer to hit bottom due to my circumstances, but I eventually did after years of off-and-on drinking. Due to many family tragedies, I used alcohol to self-medicate and it worked for a while… until it didn’t. When I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired I sought help.

I’m glad I ended up at DH. As I was being checked in late on a Friday night, I had the good fortune to have Bridget process me. She was kind and understanding. Glenda was my therapist and was a perfect fit for me. We share a similar story. She worked hard with me and never let me give up. As the time passed at DH I learned to work through my problems with a clear and sober mind. As the days turned into weeks I was amazed how being sober made me feel so much better about myself and life in general.  I had great support from the people there. I made friendships there that still thrive today. I cherish them as I do my sobriety.

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My life today is so much more fulfilling because I live it with a clear mind and conscience. I maintain my sobriety by attending meetings at least five times a week. I also visit DH as often as I can, and am actively involved in Alumni.  While I have always had a very good relationship with my husband and children, it has improved tenfold. I am still the same person yet better! My patience and stress levels have improved immensely. I continue to see the outpatient therapist that was recommended to me and to my surprise I adore her!!! While I am still a work in progress, that’s how I approach it I am happily making progress.

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