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Dual Diagnosis: Eating Disorders and Addiction- Combating the Myths

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Dual diagnosis treatment is effective for treating clients of addiction and eating disorders. There are a number of myths in existence where eating disorders and addiction are concerned. Learn the truth about this very serious dual diagnosis, as well as how dual diagnosis treatment can help.

Myth #1: An Eating Disorder May Be Identified Simply By Looking at a Person.

Not everyone who is ultra-thin has an eating disorder. In fact, clients of eating disorders come in many shapes and sizes.

Myth #2: Media Glorification of Ultra-Thin Women Causes Eating Disorders.

Media glorification of very thin body standards including unrealistic Photoshop techniques are not causes of eating disorders. Many people may feel pressured by these ideals but they alone cannot cause eating disorders.

Myth #3: Only Women Are Affected By Eating Disorders.

Men are also affected, which can be seen in the diverse client mix of people receiving dual diagnosis treatment for addiction and eating disorders.

Myth #4: Eating Disorders Only Affect People of High Socioeconomic Status.

Eating disorders do not discriminate. They affect individuals from a number of different walks of life, socioeconomic statuses, age groups and nationalities.

Myth #5: It is a Lifestyle Choice.

Eating disorders are serious illnesses. No one can decide to have an eating disorder. It is a common myth that individuals develop these illnesses in their attempts to lose weight but they often stem from trying to cope with serious emotions or very difficult life events.

Myth #6: Only Anorexia Poses the Potential Risk of Fatality.

All eating disorders are potentially life-threatening. In fact, the mortality rate for bulimia is only 0.1% lower than for anorexia (3.9% and 4.0%, respectively). Dual diagnosis treatment can help clients work towards recovery to regain greater health and stability.

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Myth #7: Poor Family Dynamics and Controlling Parents Cause Eating Disorders.

While poor family dynamics can certainly have a detrimental impact on mental health due to increased stress levels and other factors, eating disorders have been found to have a genetic inheritance risk of 50-80%.

Myth #8: Purging Food Effectively Helps Individuals to Shed Weight.

When individuals purge food after eating they actually retain about half of the nutrition – calories included. It is not an effective way to lose weight. The temporary weight loss is typically due to dehydration because of the loss of liquids. This can be seen in the sheer number of clients of bulimia who are typically of average or above-average weight.

Myth #9: Recovery is Rare.

Recovery is possible with the right treatment methods, including dual diagnosis treatment for clients of eating disorders and addiction. It takes time – months or years; however, clients of eating disorders can enjoy the benefits of recovered living after working through the treatment processes and making significant lifestyle changes.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Eating Disorders and Addiction

If you suffer from an eating disorder and a substance addiction, dual diagnosis treatment can help. This is a special form of treatment for clients of addiction who have been diagnosed with at least one accompanying mental health disorder. It works by treating both issues at the same time so that one does not hinder the success of the other.

Dual diagnosis treatment consists of such tried-and-true treatment methods as psychotherapy, counseling, stress management and relapse prevention strategies.

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