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Why You Should Choose A Gender Specific Women’s Drug Rehab

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Women’s drug rehab and women’s alcohol rehab first and foremost needs to represent a safe, worry-free place for women to heal. If you don’t feel safe in your environment, then there is about a zero percent chance that you’ll feel comfortable enough to open up and be vulnerable, which are core essentials when it comes to substance abuse treatment. Trust is key, and without feelings of safety and security trust simply cannot happen. Keeping in mind the sheer number of women who developed substance abuse issues as a result of traumatic experiences with men like child abuse or sexual assault, it is just not realistic to think that a group of drug and alcohol addicted females could ever feel as safe and comfortable in a co-ed treatment environment as they will in a strict gender controlled women’s drug rehab.

That’s the first issue. The second falls along similar lines but goes a little deeper than the threat of physical safety. And this is the very honest truth that men and women are not truly themselves in mixed-gender environments. It goes against our DNA. Men will traditionally always want to be found impressive by women just as women will traditionally always want to be found desirable by men. With all of these ulterior motives burned into our genetics at work, it’s unreasonable to think that individuals are capable of consciously ignoring all of those distractions in any environment other than women’s drug rehab or men’s drug rehab.

Take those genetics and add fuel to the fire with the fact that individuals who enter treatment are typically in pain. A member of the opposite sex could distract them from their pain and bring pleasure into their life. A great idea, right? Wrong! Entering into any sort of emotional or physical relationship with another while in treatment only means that you’re not giving yourself all of the focus and attention your recovery deserves, and the fact that it will probably be short lived. Women’s drug rehab is not supposed to be a torturous experience by any stretch of the word but it’s also not supposed to be an overtly pleasurable one. There is a lot of serious work that needs to be done here that simply cannot and will not be done if you’re distracted by the opposite sex.

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The final main issue at play in why gender specific women’s drug rehab is so critical is because there are a myriad of health issues that predominantly affect women, and a treatment facility needs to be cognizant of them and cater specifically to them. These include but are not limited to eating disorders, sexual abuse and battery and postpartum depression. A rehab that caters to both men and women will never be able to give these specific women’s health issues the time and attention they need. Since they all can have a monumental impact on an individual’s sobriety, making them a priority is a must.

A Premier Women’s Drug Rehab in Florida

Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is the premier women’s drug rehab in Florida specializing in the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction and dual diagnosis disorders. If there’s a woman in your life who could benefit from the female needs-based focused treatment of our staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We pride ourselves on providing the safe, nurturing environment you need to heal.

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