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Drug Rehab For Women

Building a Relationship With Yourself After Addiction

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Recovery from substance abuse and addiction requires a number of different commitments. One of the issues on which you will have to work is your relationships with people. How will treatment help you re-form these relationships with those around you? To get there, you must first repair the relationship with yourself.

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My Adult Daughter Is an Addict What Do I Do?

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As they grow up, our daughters are the lights of our lives. However, we can’t control everything. One of the hardest realizations that a parent may have to rationalize is that their little girl, that seemed to have it all together, can grow up to use and abuse drugs or alcohol. Of course, the critical part of this is to make sure we identify and address the substance abuse or addiction issue early. This offers the greatest chance for recovery with the fewest long-term or permanent effects. Regardless, however, it may take time for parents to realize that there is a substance-abuse problem, even if many of the signs are clear to a professional.

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How to Tell if Someone Is on Cocaine

It’s crucially important to understand that identifying someone’s drug use is not always as obvious as it is looks when dramatized in movies and on TV. But even when not obvious, many drugs manifest in their users in similar ways, and there are definite clues to determine if someone might be using.

Bloodshot eyes are just one sign of cocaine abuse you can spot easily according to substance abuse treatment experts at Destination Hope in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cocaine is one of those drugs. It is an alluring and addictive substance. It has even been portrayed as its own character in popular culture – personified as a temptress, gangster, powerbroker, and life of the party. But as we know, the way anything is portrayed for entertainment – especially drug use and its glorification – is never what it truly is. Behind the notorious rock-n-roll cocaine heyday and the white-powder-fueled endless social (and sexual) possibilities, lies a false seductress promising a portal into a non-stop, amped-up party and with no ramification but a twenty-four-inch waist and boundless energy.

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Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs for Your Career

Fifty-two percent of women believe they're held to higher standards than men in the workplace, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, and 40 percent believe they have to work harder than men to prove themselves worthy of their position. For some women, the pressures of the workplace can lead to the abuse of performance-enhancing drugs like Adderall and Ritalin, which have a reputation as a solution for improving focus and enhancing thinking abilities. In an analysis of ADHD medication prescriptions filled between 2008 and 2012, researchers found that adult use of these medications rose by 53…

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Ambien Is Effective, But Is It Safe?

Insomnia is a symptom rather than a disease or a stand-alone diagnosis, and it affects up to 50 percent of the population. The Sleep Management Institute points out that women are affected by insomnia more often than men, partly due to the often-excessive responsibilities of home, family and work. Counting sheep to no avail is a serious problem in the U.S., which is why at least 8.6 million Americans take prescription sleeping pills on a regular basis, according to a recent study by the National Center for Health Statistics. More women rely on sleep aids than men, the study found,…

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What are the Warning Signs of Drug Abuse?

Do you think someone in your life has a drug or alcohol problem, but don't know for sure? It is not an accusation you want to make lightly, but you can’t afford to ignore that a problem exists, either. Each year, drug addiction takes thousands of lives. From overdoses to drugged driving accidents, addiction kills. Intervention can literally save a life. Different drugs affect people in different ways, but there are some standard warning signs to look for when trying to determine if someone you love is using. The Physical Signs Addiction is defined as the inability to stop using…

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Are Drug Rehab Facilities the Same?

Drug rehab facility options are numerous but all facilities are not the same. In fact, it is necessary for you to learn the differences between the different facilities in order to make the right selection for you and your recovery needs. Drug Rehab Facility Accreditation Not every drug rehab facility is accredited. Accredited facilities are not all the same but they have been confirmed to have met certain criteria in such areas as treatment and the treatment facility. These facilities are often viewed as being much more trustworthy as they have at least reached these specific standards. One well-known and…

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1st Thanksgiving after Drug Rehab for Women? Survival Tips

Drug rehab for women is a safe environment where you are free to work on your recovery away from harmful triggers for substance use. If this is your first Thanksgiving holiday following treatment at drug rehab for women, you may be feeling anxious, worried, stressed or overwhelmed. Holidays can bring out these emotions in many people, even people who are not clients of addiction. However, these emotions are dangerous for your recovery. Use these tips for getting past this Thanksgiving with a strong and stable recovery. Tip #1: Take Care of Yourself. As you learned in drug rehab for women,…

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Is Drug Rehab Different For Women Than For Men?

Drug rehab for women is tailored to address the specific needs of female clients. While men and women are very similar, women face some different challenges to men when it comes to drug rehabilitation. Challenges for Women Seeking Treatment Women face a specific set of challenges that may discourage some potential clients from getting the help they need from drug rehab for women. One common challenge is the responsibility of child care. Some women may feel deterred from getting into a program because the responsibility for taking care of their children is primarily up to them. They may feel as…

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How Can I Choose The Best Drug Rehab Facility For Me?

Drug rehab facility options vary greatly when it comes to treatment plans and offerings. Just as your needs differ from another client’s needs, it is important to find your most suitable facility. The key areas to consider are program licensing and accreditation, effective treatment methods offered and the types of aftercare services that are available. You will also need to consider the severity of your addiction in determining whether to select a residential facility, partial hospitalization or an intensive outpatient treatment program. Drug Rehab Facility Program Licensing & Accreditation Choose a facility with the necessary state licensing, as well as…

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