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How Does Painkiller Addiction Happen?

March 15, 2014

Painkiller addiction occurs to some individuals taking prescription painkillers but does not occur to others. What exactly causes painkiller addiction to occur when it does? Why isn’t it the same for everyone? How Does Painkiller Addiction Begin? Prescription painkillers can quickly become addictive due to their chemical makeup as well as for the effects they have on clients who take them. It’s important to note that these drugs are very important and very useful to individuals who are truly in need of them. Painkillers and other drugs should always be taken as specifically directed by a physician. Clients who take…

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Drug Rehab for Women Explores Why Women Drink

March 10, 2014

Drug rehab for women explores the different reasons behind why women drink. Information and education is an important part of the recovery process. Understanding alcohol abuse and addiction can help you in your work towards greater health and stability. Drug Rehab for Women on the Reasons Why Women Drink There are different reasons why women dealing with alcohol abuse and addiction drink. Social Buffer: Women may drink to feel more comfortable or more at ease in social situations. As inhibitions are lowered, people feel as if they can function in social situations without being nervous or shy and they feel…

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Drug Rehab for Women Lists 8 New Sober Hobbies to Try

March 2, 2014

Drug rehab for women knows that becoming sober means overhauling your life, and that means getting rid of some old, not-so-healthy habits. You might find yourself with some free time that you aren’t sure how to fill. This is the time to remember one of the key rules of recovery – sobriety doesn’t mean living a boring life! There are so many things you can do that support your recovery, and now is a great time to try them. 8 Sober Hobbies from Drug Rehab for Women 1. Take a class You can learn the most amazing things these days,…

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How Heroin Rehab Can Put You in Recovery

February 28, 2014

Heroin rehab can get you into a life of recovery. You are not powerless when it comes to your heroin addiction. You can get the help you need from heroin rehab and combined with your willingness to change and your dedication to the process, you can emerge successful and ready to continue recovery well beyond heroin rehab. Addiction to Heroin Addiction to heroin is dangerous to both your medical and psychological health. Heroin belongs to a family of drugs called opiates and opiates are powerful substances with very addictive properties. Heroin users succumb to numerous health problems and an unfortunate…

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Florida Drug Rehab Sees Increase in Heroin Addiction

February 19, 2014

Florida drug rehab has been seeing an increase in the number of cases of clients in need of heroin addiction treatment. Why is this happening and what can we do about it? Florida Drug Rehab on the Recent Rise of Heroin Addiction Unfortunately there has been a steady increase in the number of cases of clients going to Florida drug rehab due to heroin addiction. This spike in heroin users can be attributed to recent changes with prescription drugs. Prescription drugs have now become even more expensive and they are also even more difficult to get. In addition, OxyContin, a…

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Drug Rehab for Women Helps You Find Emotional Triggers

February 10, 2014

Drug rehab for women can help you identify what your emotional triggers are so you can resist them. Emotional triggers feed addiction, and knowing how to recognize them is the first step in overcoming them. Discovering Your Emotional Triggers at Drug Rehab for Women Rehab helps you to understand your emotional triggers for substance use. It’s important to know these triggers in order to be able to build a big defense against your addiction. You can discover your emotional triggers through discussions in therapy such as family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Even attending support group meetings at drug rehab…

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Entering Substance Abuse Treatment Makes You Strong, Not Weak

February 3, 2014

Substance abuse treatment is a wonderful choice that you can make to defeat your addiction. Deciding to enter a substance abuse treatment program makes you strong, not weak. This means you are strong enough to admit to your problems and strong enough to take the initiative to take back control over your life to bring your life back to order. If you are entering a substance abuse treatment program, feel empowered – don’t feel shame. You are doing the right thing! Choosing to Enter a Substance Abuse Treatment Program Much can be said regarding your decision to enter a substance…

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Drug Rehab for Women: What Makes it Different?

January 7, 2014

Drug rehab for women is a preferred option for female clients in drug treatment over mixed-gender programs for a number of reasons. Drug rehab for women is tailored to the specific social, biological, psychological and societal needs of women, along with their individual concerns and relationships with addiction. Paying special attention to these key differences gives female clients more accurate and effective assistance in overcoming their addictions to substances. How Drug Rehab for Women Works Differently Drug rehab for women works like traditional drug rehabilitation centers in many ways. Both types of programs include detoxification, psychotherapy treatment, lifestyle counseling, support…

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Why is Drug Rehab for Women Better Than a Mixed Program?

January 5, 2014

Drug rehab for women is a substance abuse treatment program that is gender specific- designed for women only. For many women who are suffering from a drug or alcohol problem, substance abuse treatment is an incredibly emotional and yet healing period in their lives. Often women feel more comfortable coping with the emotions of recovery in a gender specific program. There is research to indicate that women and men do better in recovery when there are fewer distractions. Let’s take a look at why many women thrive in such programs. Why Is Drug Rehab For Women Effective? Fewer Distractions Many…

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Design an End-of-Year Relapse Prevention Plan That Works

December 13, 2013

Drug rehab for women explains how to create a personalized year-end relapse prevention plan for getting through the difficult holiday season successfully. These relapse prevention strategies can work well throughout the holidays and beyond. Consult with your rehab professional to design a relapse prevention plan that is especially tailored to meet your specific needs. The Holidays & Relapse Risk The risk of relapse becomes higher during the holiday season due to the fact that it is a high stress time of year. The added stress comes from many sources, including: Pressure from family members regarding holiday event planning or unhealthy…

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