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Florida Drug Rehab Offers 5 Resolutions for 2015

Florida drug rehab has five resolutions to offer you for the upcoming New Year. Consider making these five resolutions your top priorities for 2015 for healthier, more productive living and to maintain strength and stability in your recovery. Resolution #1: Give Exercise Great Importance. Make 2015 the year that you make exercising one of your top priorities. Exercise is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it comes along with so many benefits including improving physical health, fighting depression and anxiety and improving self image, self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s also an important deterrent to succumbing to addiction. Resolution…

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Is There Any Point to Florida Drug Rehab If the Underlying Mental Illness Isn’t Treated?

Florida drug rehab offers dual diagnosis treatment to clients of both substance addiction and mental illness. Getting sober without treatment for any existing mental health disorders is not a viable, long-term solution. The symptoms of mental health disorders will remain and they may lead to a relapse, such as self-medicating with substances. Florida Drug Rehab on Dual Diagnoses 50% of individuals with substance abuse problems also have at least one accompanying mental health disorder and 85% of severely mentally ill individuals abuse substances. These staggering statistics are important to keep in mind as they show just how prevalent dual diagnoses…

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Sticking with It: How to Not Quit Your Florida Drug Rehab Early

Florida drug rehab can be very challenging and sticking with the program until the end can be tricky. Maybe you find yourself counting down the days until you are done. This is fine as long as you are not intentionally sabotaging your treatment by not paying attention, avoiding the work, isolating yourself or being defiant, angry or afraid. Use these tips for staying strong in the program throughout the duration of Florida drug rehab. 1. Bring Up Any Strong or Troubling Emotions with Your Counselors/Therapists. Do not keep troubling emotions to yourself. Speak to a counselor or therapist about how…

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How Can I Make Sober Friends after My Florida Drug Rehab?

Florida drug rehab stresses the importance of making sober friends after rehabilitation. It is unhealthy to isolate yourself in recovery and it is also unhealthy (and dangerous for your recovery) to continue your friendships with friends who were using substances with you in the past. Florida Drug Rehab on the Importance of Healthy Relationships The importance of maintaining healthy relationships is a fact that is emphasized at our Florida drug rehab program. Unhealthy relationship dynamics can contribute to factors leading to relapse while creating a host of other problems along the way. In fact, this is one of the main…

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Florida Drug Rehab Encourages You to Think Ahead to 2015

Florida drug rehab advises that it is not too early to set treatment goals for 2015. Learn about the different drug abuse and addiction treatment options, as well as how they can help you reach your recovery goals in the upcoming year. Florida Drug Rehab on Recovery in 2015 You don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to start planning your treatment and recovery goals for 2015. If you start planning now, you can also have the time to learn about the different treatment options that are available and to begin to organize and arrange everything you need to…

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5 Surprises about Florida Drug Rehab

Florida drug rehab may be quite different from what you were expecting. Learn five surprises about Florida drug rehab. #1. Florida Drug Rehab Offers a Warm Environment. The warm Florida sunshine is not just a draw for tourists. It’s also great for clients of substance abuse and addiction. You can enjoy an easier time handling the weather year-round with the impressive Florida climate. The power of sunshine in lifting our spirits is nothing new and it can be a comfort to know that a sunny day is often the weather forecast at Florida drug rehab. #2. Florida Drug Rehab Allows…

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10 Things That Are More Fun than Using Ever Was

Destination Hope reminds clients of the benefits of recovery from substance abuse and addiction with examples of 10 activities that are so much more fun than using drugs ever was. #1. Riding a Roller Coaster The thrill and exhilaration of a roller coaster ride is a safe and fun way to get excited. #2. Making a Baby Laugh The joy of making a baby laugh is a special moment that comes along with an indescribably beautiful feeling. #3. Creating Lasting Memories with Family After you’ve entered the recovery process following Florida drug rehab, you can find yourself back in touch…

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Personality Traits in Addiction

Florida drug rehab discusses the associated personality traits of clients of addiction. These personality traits frequently become apparent among substance-addicted individuals.

Clients of addiction often have very low self-esteem yet they also seem to have a sense of entitlement and crave instant gratification. Personalities of addiction often include impulsive behaviors, manipulative actions and masochism. The addictive personality traits leave little room for tolerating any discomfort including anxiety, sadness or pain. Clients of addiction typically prefer to receive attention for negative reasons rather than to receive less or no attention at all.

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Dangers of Gaming Addiction

Florida drug rehab warns about the special dangers gaming addiction can present to youth. Gaming addiction can actually physically rewire young brains. Find out how gaming addiction affects the mind and what can be done to notice the warning signs of addiction as well as preventative measures.

Gaming addiction can have a serious effect on the minds of young game players. Excessive gaming has the power to actually physically rewire young brains. The brain receives a heavy focus of training and experience with movement and vision, which is not negative; however, as a consequence, the brain lacks sufficient development in other areas of brain functioning including emotion, behavior and learning.

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Drug Rehab: 5 Sober Summer Activities

Drug rehab offers clients five great sober summer activities. Boredom and stress are two major triggers for substance abuse. Keep your recovery stable and strong this summer by staying active and having a great time with positive, healthy activities.

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