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Alcohol Addiction Facts: Could Justin Bieber Be Struggling With Multiple Addictions?

Alcohol addiction plays a role in the careers of many young celebrities. Many rising musicians and actors deal with the perils of drugs and alcohol. Young celebrity pop singer, Justin Bieber, has gotten into trouble with the law once again, this time in Miami Beach. Although charges are still pending, Bieber has been connected with driving under the influence and abusing alcohol and other drugs. His abuse of alcohol and his odd and dangerous behaviors and actions seem to point to what could be the singer’s struggle with multiple addictions, not just a problem with alcohol.

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Alcohol Abuse and Violence: What’s the Connection?

Alcohol abuse and violence have a long and troubling history together. The risk factors for violent behavior and the scary statistics on alcoholism and domestic abuse are good enough support alone to show just how dangerous alcohol abuse really is, let alone the physical effects to your body. Alcohol abuse does not cause violence, but it can certainly be a factor. If you are struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction, it is important to seek treatment in order to bring back health, stability and control to your life.

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Alcohol Abuse and Your Sex Drive

Alcohol abuse isn’t just responsible for problems with sexual function; it can actually lower your sex drive. While it’s normal for your libido, or sex drive, to fluctuate, chronic alcohol abuse increases the likelihood of having a decreased sex drive. This can be difficult to deal with and can result in additional mental health disorders or problems within relationships. This can happen to anyone at any age who engages in alcohol abuse.

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The Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Memory and Concentration

Alcohol abuse is often associated with memory loss in terms of blackouts due to periods of binge drinking. However, did you know that there are both short and long term effects on memory and concentration associated with alcohol abuse? This can affect people of all age groups, whether they’re university students or retired.

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How Alcohol Abuse Affects Sexual Performance

Alcohol abuse is the leading substance when it comes to decreased sexual performance. Men and women who abuse alcohol may find themselves experiencing sexual dysfunction and trouble with their reproductive health. Treatment can help, but the longer the alcohol abuse has been going on, the longer it will take to repair the damage that has been done to your sexual health. Seeking treatment is a great option for working to overcome decreased sexual performance due to alcohol abuse.

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Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Circulatory System

Alcohol abuse over time can really wear down your body. One of the systems that takes a beating is the circulatory system, home to your heart, blood vessels, and blood. Without the circulatory system, our bodies would be unable to pump live-giving blood around the body, which in turn delivers nutrients and oxygen to the body parts that need it. Let’s look at the effects of alcohol abuse on your circulatory system.

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Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Joints

Alcohol abuse can lead to complications with your joints, a little-discussed consequence of addiction. When they’re working properly, we hardly have to think about our joint functions. Joints occur when at least two bones meet, and allow for movement in the body. There are several different kinds of joints, all of which contribute to our daily activities. However, joints are at risk of injury, and alcohol abuse can have a lasting impact on your joints.

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