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Recovery Month Events

September is Recovery Month!  We’re participating in a variety of events around the country in support of recovery.  Our schedule is below, hope to see

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Alcohol Addiction: Returning to Safe Ground

Alcohol addiction can do funny things to your brain. It can make you believe that things are hopeless, and that you can’t do anything to turn your life around. Don’t listen to that negative voice in your head; even if you’re suffering from alcohol addiction, it’s not too late to return to safe ground.

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Does My Husband Need an Alcohol Treatment Program?

An alcohol treatment program is an option that may turn your husband’s life around. Are you unsure your husband or other loved one needs treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction? Let’s take a look at five signs he may need an alcohol treatment program.

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Florida Drug Rehab Shows You What Happens if You Keep Using

Florida drug rehab shares the facts about the fate of clients who decide to forego treatment and recovery and continue to use drugs. Heroin and other drugs may not be used forever. They have a short timeline without treatment, leading to the eventual early demise of users. The good news is that it’s never too late to seek help to turn things around. Take the steps to stop your drug addiction so you can improve your health for the long run and literally save your life.

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Do I Have a Dual Diagnosis?

What’s a dual diagnosis and how do you know if you have one? First, a dual diagnosis is when an addiction and mental illness co-exist in the same person. There isn’t one fixed type of dual diagnosis, because it can refer to any number of combinations, including anxiety and addiction, depression and addiction, bipolar disorder and addiction, and so on. If you suspect you have a dual diagnosis, don’t panic. You’re not alone, and treatment is available for you.

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Life Lessons You Can Learn at a Drug Rehab Facility

A drug rehab facility can help you reach a life of recovery but did you know that you can also gain some incredible life lessons along the way? Part of the beauty of the recovery process in a rehabilitation program is that its design makes it so that you learn much about life as well – lessons you can apply and carry out throughout your life for many years to come.

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How Beating an Alcohol Addiction Can Change Your Life

Overcoming alcohol addiction can change your life in so many wonderful ways. Alcohol addiction affects your health, relationships, mental state and other important areas of your life in a negative fashion and recovery is the answer to getting your life back on track.

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Alcohol Abuse Facts: What Happens to Your Memory?

Alcohol abuse facts point to serious problems, such as memory loss from alcohol abuse. Studies have shown that middle-aged men who heavily consume alcohol are losing their abilities for attention, reasoning and memory at a much faster rate than their non-heavy drinking male counterparts.

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