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Four Reasons the Holidays Are Difficult for Clients and Families in Recovery

December 15, 2021

The holidays are a wonderful time of year during which families create precious memories as they celebrate and spend time together. However, for families with loved ones in treatment or early recovery, the holidays can be a difficult time. Understanding some of the underlying reasons for this difficulty can help families and their loved ones cope with these challenges.

Holiday pressure can creep in, especially for those in recovery and their families according to the team at Destination Hope

Here are four reasons that holidays can be stressful.

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What’s the Difference between Inpatient and Outpatient Care?

October 2, 2017

Drug and alcohol treatment options vary from place to place. However, in most cases, they fall into two major categories – inpatient or outpatient care. Both are meant to help you get better, and both are focused on your well-being and rehabilitation. It is important to understand the difference between inpatient and outpatient care. Both the recovering addict as well as their loved ones need to comprehend the differences before choosing a treatment program. What Is Inpatient Care? Also known as residential care or treatments, inpatient care requires the patient to check-in into a controlled environment, where they will receive…

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Fighting Flakka Abuse In Florida

May 3, 2016

For some people, speaking of bath salts conjures pleasant images of a relaxing soak in the tub while aromatic minerals soothe away aches and pains. But for residents of Florida, the term evokes more of a nightmarish response. Florida has been the unfortunate nexus of a terrible epidemic caused by a type of designer drug referred to as bath salts. In particular, the drug known on the street as flakka has been wreaking havoc in the state and elsewhere around the country. What is Flakka? The bath salts classification has nothing to do with things like Epsom salts and other…

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Does my son need a drug rehab program?

January 19, 2015

A drug rehab program may sound scary, but it shouldn’t. You may wonder whether your son needs addiction treatment. Addiction can happen at any age, but it often starts when people are young. If your son is showing signs that he needs a drug rehab program, we can help him with his overcome his addiction and lead him on the road to recovery. Signs that your child may need a drug rehab program Is your son behaving differently for no apparent reason? Is he withdrawn or depressed? Is he tired or hostile? These are some signs of a possible drug…

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Florida Drug Rehab Offers 5 Resolutions for 2015

January 5, 2015

Florida drug rehab has five resolutions to offer you for the upcoming New Year. Consider making these five resolutions your top priorities for 2015 for healthier, more productive living and to maintain strength and stability in your recovery. Resolution #1: Give Exercise Great Importance. Make 2015 the year that you make exercising one of your top priorities. Exercise is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it comes along with so many benefits including improving physical health, fighting depression and anxiety and improving self image, self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s also an important deterrent to succumbing to addiction. Resolution…

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Is It Time for Drug Rehab in Florida?

December 26, 2014

Drug rehab in Florida can help you turn your life around for greater health and productivity. Learn the signs of drug abuse and drug addiction to find out if drug rehab in Florida could be the solution that you need. Recovery from drug abuse and addiction is possible! Are You Abusing Drugs? It’s a common misconception that drug rehab in Florida is only for clients of drug addiction. Addiction treatment is also appropriate for clients of drug abuse – even clients who have only recently began to abuse substances. Signs of drug abuse include neglecting responsibilities due to substance use,…

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Is There Any Point to Florida Drug Rehab If the Underlying Mental Illness Isn’t Treated?

December 8, 2014

Florida drug rehab offers dual diagnosis treatment to clients of both substance addiction and mental illness. Getting sober without treatment for any existing mental health disorders is not a viable, long-term solution. The symptoms of mental health disorders will remain and they may lead to a relapse, such as self-medicating with substances. Florida Drug Rehab on Dual Diagnoses 50% of individuals with substance abuse problems also have at least one accompanying mental health disorder and 85% of severely mentally ill individuals abuse substances. These staggering statistics are important to keep in mind as they show just how prevalent dual diagnoses…

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Drug Rehab in Florida: Tips for Your 1st Holidays Sober

November 26, 2014

Drug rehab in Florida was a safe place for you, a controlled environment where you were safely away from the dangerous triggers of substance use. Your first sober holiday season may be a little intimidating for you. Use these tips to help you get through this time of year with your recovery as strong and stable as ever. Tip #1: Consider Invitations Carefully. You do not have to say “yes” to every party or dinner invitation you receive. Pay attention to what type of event it is, what type of guests to expect and what sorts of activities and occurrences…

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Will Exercise Help My Drug Rehab in Florida?

November 12, 2014

Drug rehab in Florida addiction treatment methods may be supplemented by the benefits of exercise. Exercise helps the body and mind as well as addiction recovery, according to numerous studies. Some rehab facilities are even incorporating exercise into their treatments so clients may enjoy a number of physical, mental and psychological benefits. Drug Rehab in Florida: The Physical Benefits of Exercise Rehabilitation centers incorporating exercise into their treatment programs allow clients to gain a number of physical health benefits including the following: Weight Loss and Weight Management Improved Muscle Strength Energy Boosts More Restful Sleep Circulation Improvement Psychological Benefits (brought…

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Sticking with It: How to Not Quit Your Florida Drug Rehab Early

November 7, 2014

Florida drug rehab can be very challenging and sticking with the program until the end can be tricky. Maybe you find yourself counting down the days until you are done. This is fine as long as you are not intentionally sabotaging your treatment by not paying attention, avoiding the work, isolating yourself or being defiant, angry or afraid. Use these tips for staying strong in the program throughout the duration of Florida drug rehab. 1. Bring Up Any Strong or Troubling Emotions with Your Counselors/Therapists. Do not keep troubling emotions to yourself. Speak to a counselor or therapist about how…

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