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Who Might You Meet in an Alcohol Rehab Center?

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Alcohol Rehab Centers treat a very diverse range of individuals. Although many people who have never visited an alcohol rehab center may have a simplistic image of who seeks treatment, the reality is actually a lot more complex. People from all walks of life can suffer from alcoholism or may abuse alcohol. In fact, recent research has identified five specific types of alcoholics, with young adults making up more than half of the nearly 8 million individuals who met the criteria for diagnosis of alcohol dependence in the United States.

If you suspect that you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol after reading through this list, it’s never too late to talk to a trusted, professional health care provider and seek help.

The Five Types of Alcoholics You Might Meet in an Alcohol Rehab Center

The Young Adult: Making up around 32% of American alcoholics at the time of the study,   young adults are, unfortunately, the least likely to see professional help at an alcohol rehab center.  The average age of this group is 24, with most becoming alcoholic around the age of 20. Rather than drinking regularly and frequently, they are more likely to binge drink and abuse alcohol.

The Young Anti-Social: With an average age of 26, this group makes up around 21% of US alcoholics. Unlike the Young Adults, they started abusing alcohol and other substances (like cigarettes or pot) quite young, around the age of 15, with alcoholism becoming a problem by 18. More than half of them also struggle with an antisocial personality disorder, making Dual Diagnosis treatment necessary for successful recovery.

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The Functional Alcoholic: Comprising around 19% of US alcoholics, this group is perhaps a surprising one- made up of mostly middle-aged, well-educated, employed adults with above-average incomes and stable relationships, they tend to drink almost every day or every other day, consuming at least five drinks on those days.

The Intermediate Familial: This group makes up around 19% of American alcoholics, and approximately half of them have close family members who are also alcoholics. They began drinking young, averaging around 17 years of age, and most became alcoholics by the time they were in their early thirties.

The Chronic Severe: At only 9% of the US population of alcoholics, this group is the rarest- and, surprisingly, they are what most people tend to think of when they imagine what an alcoholic is. They are, typically, middle-aged men, with a high divorce rate and a higher likelihood of other kinds of substance abuse.

If you or someone you love is having problems with alcohol abuse, chemical dependency or addiction, recovery from a drug abuse program, like the one at Destination Hope, may be the answer.  Remember that recovery from addiction and alcohol abuse treatment means learning how to cope with intensely emotional situations, and identifying when you need help and support.  Treatment for addiction relapse, counseling, and aftercare can help you do this, so please call us today. Destination Hope is a full-service addiction and health treatment facility in Florida for men and women who suffer from substance abuse and behavioral health issues.

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