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Year: 2012

Recognizing Alcoholism Symptoms for a Clean & Sober New Year

Recognizing alcoholism symptoms may be the first step in helping you or someone you love recover from alcohol abuse problems.  Many women want to start the New Year off clean and sober and turn over a new leaf for 2013. New Year’s resolutions often revolve around improving our quality of life, especially through health and wellness. If you think that the New Year is the right time for you to live a happier, healthier life, now is a great time to enter treatment. Here are some symptoms and warning signs that may indicate that you or someone you love has…

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Popular New Year’s Resolutions from Our Rehab Center

If a rehab center isn’t a great place to find inspiration and hope for a happier, healthier new year then I don’t know what is!  We’ve put together the most popular resolutions we’ve heard over the years, ranging from health and wellness to finding happiness and success.  Have you put together your New Year’s resolutions for 2013?  No matter what stage of recovery you are in, there’s something on this list that should inspire you! Top Five Rehab Center Resolutions Seek Help.  Although women in rehab have already sought help, most of them recognize that they aren’t where they want…

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5 Wonderful Things You Can Accomplish In 2013 From Women’s Drug Rehab

Women’s drug rehab centers are places for hope, especially around the New Year. Many women set goals for themselves in 2013, and if you’re thinking about doing the same, we’ve put together our ABCs for 2013. 2013 Goals From Women’s Drug Rehab A. ACCEPT needing help and accept help offered. Simply entering a women's drug rehab center doesn’t always mean that you have accepted that you need help or that you are accepting the help that is offered.  Many women have as much difficulty accepting help offered as they do accepting the need for intervention. Look at the sources of…

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The Benefits of Group Therapy

Is group therapy better than individual therapy? When it comes to treatment for substance abuse, mental illness, and other behavioral health issues, group therapy is often recommended as part of the treatment plan.  But why? Is group therapy any better than one-on-one therapy?

Group therapy is often beneficial for people with a similar diagnosis to meet and find a community.  We believe that group therapy is essential for long-term addiction management and relapse prevention.  Group therapy helps people build bonds and relationships with others going through recovery at the same point in time, building a network of supportive individuals and cheerleaders.

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Remembering to Apply What is Learned in Alcohol Rehab Programs

So, you just completed an alcohol rehab program and are now ready for a life of sobriety? The reality is that the disease of addiction will remain a challenge long after leaving an alcohol rehab program. The main goal of an alcohol rehab program is to prepare women suffering from addiction for a healthier, longer and happier life. Treatment is designed to educate women about addiction, change their thinking, and help them transition to a new lifestyle of sobriety. Remembering Lessons From Your Alcohol Rehab Program One fundamental aspect that plays a vital role in treatment is therapy. Individual and…

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Great Gift Ideas For Those in Recovery From Substance & Alcohol Abuse

Substance and alcohol abuse can rob you of your life.  Rebuilding after drug and alcohol abuse treatment can be a long but rewarding journey.  Holiday gift time can be a bit awkward when you are trying to rebuild your nest egg after substance and alcohol abuse, especially if your family members like to give big gifts or gifts to everyone.  Instead of feeling caught up in the holiday materialism, use your recovery to focus on what matters the most, the gratitude and love you feel for those around you who have supported you.  The same ways you express gratitude to…

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Great and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for People In Recovery From Substance Abuse

Recovery from substance abuse can be difficult, especially when it comes time for the holiday gift season.  As others attempt to out-do each other by purchasing the latest gadget or hottest toy of the season, you may feel pressure to keep up. Instead of focusing on material possessions, focus instead on the meaning of the season, to show love, thanks and gratitude for those who have made and continue to make a difference in your life.  We’ve put together a list of inexpensive, but terrific and thoughtful gifts that anyone would be happy to receive! Gifts From Those In Recovery…

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Dealing With Substance Abuse & Depression in Women During The Holidays

Depression in women who also suffer from substance abuse problems often rises during the holidays.  Many women feel pressure to perform and exceed familiar expectations during the holidays, to make the perfect holiday for their loved ones.  Unfortunately the combination of substance abuse or alcohol problems and depression can make the holidays incredibly difficult for many women. Treatment for substance abuse problems and depression in women can help make the holidays easier to handle.  Depression and substance abuse problems are often linked because the underlying cause of both can be the same.  Many women have underlying issues rooted in family,…

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Repairing the Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Relationships

The effects of alcohol abuse aren’t limited to the individual who has an alcohol problem.  Like all addictions and behavioral health disorders, the impact is felt by coworkers, friends and loved ones.  Relationships can be strained, and in some cases, even broken, over alcohol abuse.  As difficult as it may be for the woman suffering from alcohol abuse problems or alcoholism, it is also difficult for those that love her to watch her suffer.  Many women who seek treatment for alcohol abuse and alcoholism regain control of their life and go on to live happy, productive lives in recovery.  Upon leaving treatment, many women want to focus on repairing the effects of alcohol abuse on their family and friends, rebuilding those relationships and restoring their trust.

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Explaining Drug Rehab for Women To Your Family

Explaining drug rehab for women can be difficult, especially if you are trying to help your family and loved ones understand the addiction recovery process.  Suffering from addiction can be difficult for family members to understand.  One of the best ways to overcome addiction is through specialized addiction treatment.  Addiction treatment often includes several steps, including detox, individual therapy, group therapy, and long-term care. Many drug rehab for women programs include family therapy and group therapy options to help family members understand the disease of addiction and the recovery process. Confronting Family Members About Your Addiction Women who are suffering…

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