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drug rehab Fort Lauderdale

A Day at Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale

Drug rehab Fort Lauderdale shares what happens in a day in the life of a client at drug rehab Fort Lauderdale to give future or potential clients a clear idea of what to expect during their own treatment programs. Everyone’s day may look slightly different because each person’s rehab is tailored to his or her needs. The resulting picture is a day of hard work but a process working towards very worthwhile results.

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Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale Suggests 10 Incredible Ways to Have a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

Drug rehab Fort Lauderdale suggests 10 great ways for you to have a fun and sober St. Patrick’s Day 2014. Holidays can be serious trigger times due to the fact that the temptation to use alcohol or drugs as a way to celebrate holidays can be powerful, especially as clients recall past years or witness the behavior of others. You can have an amazing St. Patrick’s Day while successfully maintaining your sobriety.

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