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A Day at Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale

Drug rehab Fort Lauderdale shares what happens in a day in the life of a client at drug rehab Fort Lauderdale to give future or potential clients a clear idea of what to expect during their own treatment programs. Everyone’s day may look slightly different because each person’s rehab is tailored to his or her needs. The resulting picture is a day of hard work but a process working towards very worthwhile results.

A Typical Day at Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale

A typical day at drug rehab Fort Lauderdale includes a number of activities and experiences for clients. Clients attend counseling sessions for such purposes as one-on-one, cognitive behavioral and group therapy (along with client drug rehab peers). This may or may not be a day that also includes family therapy, as family therapy is not held every day due to of course the schedules of family members for work, school and other commitments.

Drug rehab Fort Lauderdale does not consist of therapy alone so on this day you also have recreation time to unwind and beat stress. It’s important to keep in mind that two of the biggest triggers for substance use are boredom and stress so you’ll be able to work on fighting against these forces even while you are still at drug rehab Fort Lauderdale.

Your recreation activities are something you participate in with your other peers in the program and today’s recreation may be a fitness class at the center or aromatherapy. Many times the selected recreational activities are particularly good at fighting stress so you may gain even more benefits for your body, mind and recovery. Variety helps keep things interesting.

Today you may also attend a support group meeting with your rehabilitation peers whether it be off-site or on-site. You can share your struggles and experiences with addiction and admit that you have a substance addiction to be open and honest about your work for recovery. Others do the same and the result is a strong environment of support being offered and received.

Success Requires Hard Work

Drug rehab Fort Lauderdale won’t be easy but the payoff is certainly worth the work. You can do best in rehab by adding your commitment and dedication to the program. Even after rehabilitation, you should continue working on your recovery in order to maintain it with such activities and methods as relapse prevention strategies, support group meetings or even aftercare activities offered by drug rehab Fort Lauderdale such as alumni activities which can be very enjoyable.

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