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Local Aftercare Recovery Support Groups

Aftercare recovery support groups provide support and tools following treatment. Aftercare meetings teach new strategies, coping skills, and help you build a support system. These new tools will help you continue your wellness journey. Aftercare meetings usually start as soon as you complete your rehab program. These programs can assist your transition into everyday life. Plus, they provide you with tools to avoid risky environments and temptation. Find a local aftercare recovery support group near you. A.A. Meetings Alcoholic Anonymous is an international support group to help anyone undergoing or recovering from a drinking problem. Aftercare recovery meetings focus on…

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Is Your Casual Drinking Becoming a Problem?

It is difficult to determine if your drinking has become a problem when you don’t fit the stereotype of the common alcoholic. Maybe you aren’t homeless, maybe you have a job, and maybe you even have a family you are taking care of. There is no way you could be an alcoholic, right? Before dismissing this idea, it is important to remember that alcoholism can take on many different shapes and forms. Although you may compare yourself to the stereotype and convince yourself that you are nowhere near a full-blown alcoholic, there is a point when drinks out with friends…

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Throw the Ultimate Substance-Free BBQ Bash

Summer time usually means it’s time to fire up the grill. From Memorial Day to 4th of July to Labor Day, there are plenty of reasons to throw a BBQ bash during the summer months. Whether a person is new to recovery or has been sober for decades though, it’s important to keep triggers away from such festivities. Why does this matter? If you’re considering throwing a BBQ party, here are a few ways to throw the ultimate substance-free soiree. Create an Impressive Menu When the food is finger-licking good, guests won’t even notice the absence of alcohol. Create an…

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5 Books For Maintaining Motivation During Recovery From Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Recovery from alcohol abuse and alcoholism is a long journey that may have many bumps along the way. Although rehab and addiction treatment is the first stage in recovery, and arguably the most important, long-term recovery from alcohol abuse and alcoholism requires a long-term commitment to staying clean.

The most successful recoveries tend to occur with individuals who look for ways to inspire and motivate themselves to live a better life even after they’ve been through a rehab program for addiction treatment. Many people find that inspiration that can be found in their everyday activities and loved ones, but there are many sources of inspiration and it’s helpful to have more than one.

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