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Local Aftercare Recovery Support Groups

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Aftercare recovery support groups provide support and tools following treatment. Aftercare meetings teach new strategies, coping skills, and help you build a support system. These new tools will help you continue your wellness journey.

Aftercare meetings usually start as soon as you complete your rehab program. These programs can assist your transition into everyday life. Plus, they provide you with tools to avoid risky environments and temptation.

Find a local aftercare recovery support group near you.

A.A. Meetings

Alcoholic Anonymous is an international support group to help anyone undergoing or recovering from a drinking problem. Aftercare recovery meetings focus on the twelve step system, which is designed to help attendees find happiness and learn useful tools to cope with their addiction.

There is a local group that serves the South Palm Beach County Intergroup area and has been in service for over 30 years. Click here to see local meetings. All aftercare meetings are open to the public, with open discussion formats, as well as step meetings.

N.A. Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous is a global community that helps anyone suffering from drug addiction. N.A. offers a safe place for communication and guidance as recovering attendees’ transition from treatment to the world. Narcotics Anonymous approaches aftercare recovery through peer support networks and with healing process guidance.

The local N.A. group serves the Gold Coast Area, which is home to 61 groups, holding up to 120 meetings near you. Click here to see all local meetings available and their recurring schedules. Each session has a different format. This way you can choose the ones that resonate better with you.

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SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART meetings focus on self-management for addiction recovery. Their 4-point program is designed to help attendees recover from any type of substance abuse and addictive behaviors, including drug addiction, substance abuse, gambling addiction, and more.

Local meetings are serving the Fort Lauderdale area almost every day. Click here to see local meetings near you. Also, SMART recovery meetings are available online through daily meetings. Plus, they also offer an online 24/7 chat room for ongoing support. Click here to see daily online meetings.

The road to recovery doesn’t have to be lonely and complicated. Seek support, create a strong network of peers that you can relate to, and that can provide you with true companionship and support through this journey.

Aftercare programs were designed to help those struggling find a better path to recovery and to provide them with ongoing tools that will ensure they live an invigorating substance-free life, well past treatment.

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