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Pink Cloud Syndrome

May 8, 2016

Early recovery can be a treacherous time and requires constant vigilance and mindfulness to stay on track while battling intense cravings and feelings of loss. But for some, this time is marked by feelings of euphoria and palpable excitement. Recovery feels like the best thing in the world, and it seems like there's nothing that can make you want to use again, ever. In Alcoholics Anonymous, this is known as pink cloud syndrome, and while nobody wants to burst anyone's bubble, it's important to understand that these feelings of confidence—sometimes overconfidence—can lead to being blindsided by a relapse. What is…

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How to Keep Stress In Check This Holiday Season

November 17, 2015

The holidays are a stressful time of year for many, including people who don't normally succumb to stress very easily. Many of the issues that make holidays stressful for those recovering from an addiction are often the same ones that are at the root of the addiction, including family and financial stress. Add to that a hectic travel schedule and the prospect of having to navigate social situations where everyone seems to be drinking, and it's easy to see why the holidays are particularly difficult for women in recovery. Women and Stress The Department of Health and Human Services Office…

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A Blueprint for Relapse Prevention

June 15, 2012

Relapse prevention is not as simple as avoiding drugs and alcohol.  In fact, preventing relapse requires a strategy and a plan for handling risky situations.  Many people relapse during the course of recovery, especially as an individual’s situation changes.  Each situation we face may require a different aftercare strategy, but if we’re armed with the right tools, we can make it much easier to avoid relapsing, even in high-risk situations. What does your aftercare blueprint look like? Before leaving rehab, many individuals work with their counselor to set up an aftercare plan for relapse prevention.  Based on an individual’s experience…

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Relapse Prevention Strategies for Summer

May 24, 2012

Relapse prevention can be particularly difficult during the summer months when we may feel more relaxed and less rigid about our behavior and routines. It is tempting to let your hair down over the summer, but remember preventing relapse requires your constant attention! Summer is the famous season for backyard bar-b-ques and parties.  Often these celebrations include tempting substances.  Part of relapse prevention is learning to avoid the temptation all together.  Remember, preventing a relapse and taking care of yourself should be your first priority, so remain true to yourself and learn to say “No, Thanks.” If you can’t avoid…

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Volunteering Key Component of Substance Abuse Treatment

April 20, 2012

Substance abuse treatment and keeping up your recovery efforts are vital components to achieving long-term recovery. In light of today being National Volunteer Recognition Day, we at Destination Hope: The Women’s Program wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the very real impact volunteering has on a recovering addict’s ability to maintain their sobriety. Many of us are familiar with the philosophy behind the 12-step programs. What many however overlook is the underlying message of the ever important 12th step. While we are supposed to utilize ourselves and always carry with us the knowledge we’ve learned working the programs…

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Advice on Staying Sober this Holiday Season

December 9, 2011

Alcoholism treatment can help break the stifling cycle of addiction, but the holiday season can do quite the number on the recovering alcoholic. Individuals recovering from alcohol addiction know all too well how booze has become a permanent fixture on the holiday party circuit. So what is the recovering alcoholic to do? The stresses of the holidays can be overwhelming enough on their own between the family gatherings, work functions, travel, gift exchanging etc, and the ever present alcohol sure seems to add insult to injury to the person working day in and day out to maintain their sobriety. We…

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Avoiding Relapse While Living with an Addict

November 18, 2011

Relapse prevention is on the forefront of every recovering addict’s mind. Relapse, for better or worse, is a part of the recovery process. Very few individuals get it right on their very first try. Life is too complicated. There are so many influences out there leading the recovering addict to abuse drugs or alcohol again, from their brain chemistry to a self-defeating lifestyle to a co-occurring disorder to simply being the child of an addict. These external factors all have an impact on one’s ability to stay sober. Dedicated relapse prevention takes careful preparation and planning not to mention stalwart…

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