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Real Housewives Star Returns to Rehabilitation

Former child actress and one of the stars of the hit reality TV series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards has been hospitalized for substance abuse treatment. Richards has claimed to have been clean and sober since her alcohol addiction program three years ago but received plenty of attention and speculation regarding her sobriety after weeks of erratic behavior which was even apparent on the television series. Her odd behavior was even the cause of an altercation between her sister and co-star, Kyle Richards and co-star Brandi Glanville.

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Who Might You Meet in an Alcohol Rehab Center?

Alcohol Rehab Centers treat a very diverse range of individuals. Although many people who have never visited an alcohol rehab center may have a simplistic image of who seeks treatment, the reality is actually a lot more complex. People from all walks of life can suffer from alcoholism or may abuse alcohol. In fact, recent research has identified five specific types of alcoholics, with young adults making up more than half of the nearly 8 million individuals who met the criteria for diagnosis of alcohol dependence in the United States.

If you suspect that you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol after reading through this list, it’s never too late to talk to a trusted, professional health care provider and seek help.

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Horses in an Alcohol Rehab Center? Why Not!

Alcohol rehab center programs sometimes offer less conventional therapeutic methods as a supplement to traditional treatment which can produce beneficial results. One such therapy method is the introduction of horses into alcohol treatment for equine therapy.

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Should a Drug Rehab Facility Be Accredited?

Drug rehab facility options can be numerous and sometimes the process for selecting the right center can be intimidating. Seeking an accredited drug rehab facility can narrow down your options and greatly improve your odds of receiving the highest quality standards of care. These facilities go above and beyond, following the various state and federal regulations governing substance abuse and addiction rehabilitation.

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After Your Drug Rehabilitation Program: 5 Ways to Build Self-Esteem

Drug rehabilitation program clients can work on strengthening their recovery processes by building and maintaining good self-esteem. Use these five methods for building self-esteem to improve your recovery as well as just about every other area of your life.

#1: Take an Inventory to Build Self Esteem.

Take a personal inventory to build your self-esteem as advised by your drug rehabilitation program. Take an inventory of your personal experiences and your relationships in an effort to uncover patterns of dysfunctional emotions and behaviors.

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5 Ways a Drug Rehabilitation Program Can Help You Say Yes to Life

A drug rehabilitation program is a place of possibility. It’s not a place that controls your actions, like many may think. It’s a place where you can rediscover thoughts, feelings, and a zest for life that you may have forgotten you had. Think of drug rehab as a guiding force as you transition into recovery. You can gain tools for relapse prevention and shift your perspective towards a whole new future.

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Drug Rehab: 5 Sober Summer Activities

Drug rehab offers clients five great sober summer activities. Boredom and stress are two major triggers for substance abuse. Keep your recovery stable and strong this summer by staying active and having a great time with positive, healthy activities.

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Ask Drug Rehab for Women: What If I Don’t Want to Quit?

Drug rehab for women only works if you are committed to recovery. Do you want to quit abusing drugs? Do you want to take back control of your life? Learn the benefits of recovery as you consider if you’re ready to break the cycle of addiction.

Drug Rehab for Women Works Only If You Want It to Work

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Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Center: 5 Warning Signs

Alcohol rehab center options are not all equal. In your process of selecting an alcohol rehab center for treatment, be aware of these five warning signs of centers it’s best to have nothing to do with. The best alcohol rehab centers don’t have any of these attributes. You deserve the best care available from a treatment center where you can feel safe, comfortable and welcome.

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Florida Drug Rehab Reveals Our Top 5 Favorite Recovery Songs

Florida drug rehab shares its top five favorite songs for recovery. Let these inspirational songs and their lyrics serve as the soundtrack of your journey for a healthy life away from substance abuse and addiction. Think of some of your own to add and create your own motivational recovery playlist!

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