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What is Step 4 in AA?

Step 4 of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is often described as one of the most challenging, yet profoundly transformative, steps within the 12-step program. It marks the journey’s transition from a focus on acceptance and acknowledgment of one’s powerlessness over alcohol

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Anxiety spelled out in scrabble letters
Destination Hope Team

Can Xanax Make Anxiety Worse?

Discover the unexpected effects of Xanax as we explore the question, “Can Xanax make anxiety worse?” Unravel the concept of paradoxical reactions to this medication and understand the potential causes behind increased anxiety.

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husband with alcoholism
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Helping a Loved One with Alcoholism

Discover effective strategies to support someone struggling with alcoholism in this comprehensive blog. Learn about communication, emotional support, treatment options, boundaries, and self-care.

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