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Resources for Union Members

Destination hope is dedicated to the physical and psychological well-being of every patient that comes through our doors. Unions can play an important role in the healthcare of their members by taking advantage of some of the many services we offer our partner organizations. Indeed, beyond the benefits that a union-based health care plans offers, Destination Hope provides personalized patient education:

  • Flyers and posters to increase awareness of the mental health resources available to union members
  • Dedicated training programs union leaders can use to educate their members
  • Regular webinars discussing mental health concerns, especially as it relates to these particular challenges of COVID and social isolation
  • Education on family and work dynamics to improve stability in both the home and workplace

Outpatient Treatment for High Functioning Union Members

We are acutely aware that not all patients require inpatient or partial hospitalization treatment. As such, we offer a comprehensive Intensive Outpatient Program that works with union members who are able to function independently of our treatment program. Typically, these patients have significant work and family obligations and are able to meet many of them but have started to falter in their responsibilities. Whether it is an inability to cope with stress and using alcohol and drugs to manage or difficulty handling some of the concerns that life has thrown at them, our outpatient program gives them exposure to individual and group clinical care while allowing them to continue with their lives.

Of course, we’re well aware that the patients may have cooccurring issues, including mental health or medical problems. We are fully equipped to handle these disorders, and can treat medical issues internally or by coordinating with the union members’ external medical care team.

While intensive outpatient programs do not offer full time treatment, they can be very effective for the appropriate individual. That’s why our dedicated admissions team can work with the union member, their families and union leadership to develop a program that suits the patient’s work and family obligations while also being incredibly effective. Contact us to learn more.


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