Kalise’s Treatment Testimonial

My name’s Kalise. I am from the state of Delaware and I am a drug addict. My drugs of choice were cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin, and basically, from the time I was about 18 until 24, my life was pretty out of control. I couldn’t, I couldn’t imagine my life without using and I didn’t think that my life was really worth, worth anything, I guess you could say. I stole from my parents, I stole from my friends, I stole from my grandparents. I fought with random people. I used anyone to get whatever I needed, and eventually people got fed up with having to deal with me. And my parents eventually said enough is enough. I had gone to treatment once before and it didn’t stick, so basically, they kicked me out and it was either be homeless or go to Florida to get help. And the therapists here really helped me to understand that addiction is a disease and it’s something that can be overcome. And all the counselors and the therapists that were here and the techs that work here, really you know, genuinely care, and they made me work on things that I had never even thought about taking a look at, as to why I was living the life that I was living before I came here.

And it’s, it was really an amazing experience. It was hard and it was…I cried a lot, but it was good. I worked on a lot of things that I really needed to take care of, in order to have any chance of staying clean, and I left Destination Hope with a foundation. They gave me the tools for my recovery. They basically gave me a tool box with a bunch of great tools that I can use when I need help, or even if I need to help someone else. I can do that today, and it was really good to be able to say that I have 11 months clean and sober, after having stayed at Destination Hope for 30 days. And the large part of it is because of Destination Hope and the women’s program here. Today, I’m happy. Today, I’m able to look people in the eyes and be positive, and I have a lot of hope for my future.


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