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10 Stress Management Tips for Strength in Recovery

Substance abuse treatment methods include a strong focus on learning to manage and minimize stress effectively. Stress is a major trigger for substance abuse so it’s important that you continuously work on keeping stress to a minimum and managing it in the healthiest manner possible. Here are ten stress management tips for maintaining a strong and stable recovery.

Stress Management Tip 1: Exercise Regularly.

Exercise is a great way to manage and reduce stress. It helps you feel good, it improves your mental and physical health and it energizes and revitalizes.

Stress Management Tip 2: Breathe.

Breathing exercises can make all of the difference in moments of stress by helping you calm down and think clearly. Substance abuse treatment programs often attest to the usefulness of breathing for stress management.

Stress Management Tip 3: Practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation practice that can be practiced anywhere at any time. It focuses on living in the moment and truly being aware of your surroundings, how you feel, what you are doing and other elements of each moment to reduce stress and reconnect.

Stress Management Tip 4: Find the Time to Enjoy.

Be sure to manage your schedule in such a manner that allows you to have sufficient time for your hobbies and spending time with your friends and family.

Stress Management Tip 5: Find the Time to Relax.

It’s vital to have enough time for yourself. Organize your time well to have sufficient “me time”. Do whatever relaxes you most whether it’s lying on a beach or reading a good book. Relaxation time is even incorporated into substance abuse treatment programs attesting to the importance of relaxing for stress management.

Stress Management Tip 6: Use Time Management.

So many major sources of stress are connected to a lack of proper time management. Avoid stress from being late for work, traffic issues, missed appointments and other problems by effectively managing your time well. Give yourself sufficient time to plan ahead and be prepared.

Stress Management Tip 7: Utilize Your Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

Use the stress management techniques you learned in your substance abuse treatment program and also look to your substance abuse treatment client peers for inspiration on great ways for managing stress.

Stress Management Tip 8: Eat Well.

A balanced diet can help combat stress so be sure to get the proper nutrients from fruits and vegetables and to minimize your intake of sugars, oils and fats.

Stress Management Tip 9: Sleep.

Get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night and try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule throughout the week.

Stress Management Tip 10: Think Positively.

Positive thinking works wonders against stress. Make it a part of your lifestyle!

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