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Relapse Prevention
Jonathan Howard

What is Relapse Prevention? 

The Relapse Prevention Treatment Model  Drug and alcohol treatment has undergone continuous evolution over the past several decades. Addiction is such a challenging problem that

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Getting a Job After Drug Rehab Program

Drug rehabilitation program clients may find that the experience of seeking employment after rehabilitation can be very stressful. Use these tips to help you to reduce stress and put your best foot forward during your search for employment.

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How Do I Choose the Best Drug Rehabilitation Program for Me?

Drug rehabilitation program options may seem endless as you search for the most suitable program. Narrow down program options using program accreditation and licensing, the effectiveness of treatment methods, aftercare availability, program types and other significant considerations as your guide.

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What Is a Drug Rehabilitation Program?

Drug rehabilitation program options provide clients with safe environments to utilize tried-and-true, effective treatment methods for recovery success. Find out more about the drug rehabilitation program.

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Drug Rehabilitation Program: Finding Your Courage

Drug rehabilitation program clients need courage in order to succeed. You will have to realize that recovery cannot be possible without your courage as well as your hard work, your commitment to change and your dedication. Let courage be your guide through the recovery journey at your drug rehabilitation program, as well as long afterwards in your everyday life on your own.

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5 Ways to Fail Drug Rehabilitation Program

Drug rehabilitation program participants do not automatically reach successful recovery from substance abuse and addiction upon attending the program. In order to be successful you have to want to recover and put in the necessary hard work and dedication to achieving results. Here are five ways clients are able to fail at the drug rehabilitation program.

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