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Local Aftercare Recovery Support Groups

September 28, 2017

Aftercare recovery support groups provide support and tools following treatment. Aftercare meetings teach new strategies, coping skills, and help you build a support system. These new tools will help you continue your wellness journey. Aftercare meetings usually start as soon as you complete your rehab program. These programs can assist your transition into everyday life. Plus, they provide you with tools to avoid risky environments and temptation. Find a local aftercare recovery support group near you. A.A. Meetings Alcoholic Anonymous is an international support group to help anyone undergoing or recovering from a drinking problem. Aftercare recovery meetings focus on…

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Is Your Casual Drinking Becoming a Problem?

August 2, 2017

It is difficult to determine if your drinking has become a problem when you don’t fit the stereotype of the common alcoholic. Maybe you aren’t homeless, maybe you have a job, and maybe you even have a family you are taking care of. There is no way you could be an alcoholic, right? Before dismissing this idea, it is important to remember that alcoholism can take on many different shapes and forms. Although you may compare yourself to the stereotype and convince yourself that you are nowhere near a full-blown alcoholic, there is a point when drinks out with friends…

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Signs You Have an Alcohol Addiction

December 29, 2014

Alcohol addiction is not always apparent to the people who suffer from this addiction. Your loved ones may have reached out to you or you may have suspected that your drinking is out of control but maybe you still aren’t convinced. If you are suffering from an alcohol addiction, alcohol addiction treatment can help you to turn your life around to achieve greater health and productivity. Learn the signs of alcohol addiction to determine if you may in fact be in need of alcohol addiction rehabilitation. Alcohol Addiction Signs Are you unsure if you or a loved one is suffering…

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Celebrities and Alcohol Addiction – Do They Go Hand in Hand?

October 17, 2014

Alcohol addiction and celebrities seem to go hand in hand when you consider how often you hear about the struggles and consequences of celebrities dealing with alcoholism in the news. This phenomenon occurs because many celebrities deal with pressure, anxiety and stress in unhealthy ways. This can lead to alcohol addiction for a celebrity just as it may for anyone else. Celebrities and Alcohol Addiction If you feel as if you always hear about celebrities struggling with alcohol addiction, this is true. Many celebrities find themselves faced with alcohol addiction as a result of dealing with problems such as pressures,…

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Alcohol Addiction: Returning to Safe Ground

July 22, 2014

Alcohol addiction can do funny things to your brain. It can make you believe that things are hopeless, and that you can’t do anything to turn your life around. Don’t listen to that negative voice in your head; even if you’re suffering from alcohol addiction, it’s not too late to return to safe ground. Step Into Recovery No matter what brings you to the doorstep of recovery, you’ll have to take that first step forward to start your treatment. For some people, it’s an intervention or a court order that drives them to start recovery from alcohol addiction. For others,…

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10 Ways to Fight Alcohol Addiction

June 23, 2014

Alcohol addiction does not have to be a prison sentence. Recovery can give you freedom from addiction and the adverse repercussions of addiction. Here are 10 ways to fight alcohol addiction that are meant to supplement treatment from an alcohol abuse and addiction program. #1. Fight Alcohol Addiction with Good Conditions Addiction does not bode well in good conditions and healthy atmospheres. Take care of yourself with good personal grooming habits and self-care as well as by maintaining a clean and inviting home environment. #2. Exercise Exercise battles stress efficiently and supports a healthy and positive-minded lifestyle. Stress is a…

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Helping a Friend with Alcohol Addiction

May 26, 2014

Alcohol addiction does not have to continue forever. You can help your friend get the assistance he or she needs to join a program to work towards a healthier and more stable life of recovery. Helping a Friend with Alcohol Addiction If you believe your friend has an alcohol addiction, reach out and have a conversation. Mention the very specific ways in which they have behaved due to their alcohol abuse as well as the consequences you have seen them suffer as a result. You and your other friends or colleagues may have even be affected negatively by their alcohol…

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How Does Alcohol Addiction Start?

March 22, 2014

Alcohol addiction begins in different ways for different clients. While the beginnings and causes of alcohol addiction differ, there is one commonality for everyone: it does not take much time for the body to become physically addicted to alcohol. The Many Causes of Alcohol Addiction There are many different causes for alcohol addiction as the reasons vary from client to client. Some causes are due to environmental factors, genetics or even due to accompanying mental health disorders. Many times emotional sources are the cause for clients, such as stress, social pressure or anxiety. Alcohol addiction often develops out of an…

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How Beating an Alcohol Addiction Can Change Your Life

February 21, 2014

Overcoming alcohol addiction can change your life in so many wonderful ways. Alcohol addiction affects your health, relationships, mental state and other important areas of your life in a negative fashion and recovery is the answer to getting your life back on track. Dangers of Alcohol Addiction Alcohol addiction is perilous to your mental and physical health. While under the influence of alcohol abuse and addiction, you put your relationships with your family members, friends and other loved ones at risk because addiction takes priority and you’re prone to behaving in manners you would never have imagined as a result…

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Alcohol Addiction Facts: Could Justin Bieber Be Struggling With Multiple Addictions?

February 7, 2014

Alcohol addiction plays a role in the careers of many young celebrities.  Many rising musicians and actors deal with the perils of drugs and alcohol.  Young celebrity pop singer, Justin Bieber, has gotten into trouble with the law once again, this time in Miami Beach.  Although charges are still pending, Bieber has been connected with driving under the influence and abusing alcohol and other drugs.  His abuse of alcohol and his odd and dangerous behaviors and actions seem to point to what could be the singer’s struggle with multiple addictions, not just a problem with alcohol. Alcohol Addiction Facts: Addictions…

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