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What’s the Difference between Inpatient and Outpatient Care?

Drug and alcohol treatment options vary from place to place. However, in most cases, they fall into two major categories – inpatient or outpatient care. Both are meant to help you get better, and both are focused on your well-being and rehabilitation. It is important to understand the difference between inpatient and outpatient care. Both the recovering addict as well as their loved ones need to comprehend the differences before choosing a treatment program. What Is Inpatient Care? Also known as residential care or treatments, inpatient care requires the patient to check-in into a controlled environment, where they will receive…

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Should You Return to Drug Rehab?

Knowing if it was a Slip or Relapse Making the decision to use alcohol or drugs again is always a dangerous choice for a person in recovery. The severity of the damage which this will lead to for the recovering addict and the people around them is usually determined by the time it takes that person to set the substance back down and quit again. In some cases, this can happen rather quickly. There are those recovering addicts who slip up and only take a small amount of the substance they were once addicted to, then almost immediately regret doing…

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3 Myths about Your First Time in Substance Abuse Treatment

1. It’s the scariest thing you will ever go through.

It’s actually not. If you can muster up the strength to finally get your life on track, the rest is easy. Once you come to drug and alcohol treatment you are already bettering yourself and have the courage to face it. It’s not going to be easy because some days are good and some days are bad. But it’s worth it at the end if you stick to the program and apply what you learn in treatment to the outside world.

It can be scary at first when you have to open up all your emotions and dig deep into the past to a therapist you barely know. But over time, you will see that talk therapy works and build a relationship with your counselor. You have to be able to trust and let your guard down to open up. That’s the only way this will work.

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Addiction Counseling Helped Me, How Can I Become a Counselor?

Addiction counseling may be your desired next step after such counseling has helped you turn your life around. It’s wonderful to want to give back and help others to have strong lives of recovery. Find out what it takes to become a counselor as well as alternative ways you can help other clients in recovery if you find that counseling may not be the career path for you.

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You May Need Addiction Counseling If…

Addiction counseling may be the solution you’ve been contemplating. Find out the potential signs of addiction so you can reap the benefits of addiction counseling and turn your life around to a healthier and more productive path of recovery. Potential Signs That You May Need Rehab  Here are some of the potential signs that you may need addiction counseling for your relationship with substances and substance use. You hide or lie about how much or how often you use substances. You hide substances in regular places to always have them handy. Substance use has become the center focus of your…

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How Addiction Counseling Stays Current

Addiction counseling may work via tried-and-true methods for reaching recovery but your addiction counseling should also include the most current information and research. Your addiction counseling program addresses trends in drug use, new research about addiction and substances and other new knowledge to be sure to give you as much useful information as possible.

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What Will I Talk About in Addiction Counseling?

Addiction counseling is largely made up of psychotherapy, which is a very effective method in treating substance abuse and addiction. Psychotherapy works to find the underlying causes of addiction in order to give you the best tools, answers and strength necessary to fight against addiction and work towards a stable life of recovery. In addiction counseling, you may discuss topics such as home, family, your childhood, your fears and your goals.

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Is Addiction Counseling a Good Career for Those in Recovery?

Addiction counseling can be a good career choice for some, but not necessarily all clients in recovery. Addiction counseling is a great way to give back and to help others who are going through similar circumstances, but the career is certainly a demanding one. It calls for specific requirements and personal characteristics to be successful in the high stress field. Addiction Counseling Addiction counseling can be a very fulfilling career, as these professionals help clients take back control over their lives for greater health and stability. Many clients in recovery find themselves wanting to pursue this career field as a…

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Counseling is a Key Component of Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery

Addiction counseling is an area that we specialize in at Destination Hope – so much so that we have our own school that teaches and certifies addiction counselors for other rehab centers.

Addiction counseling is the most important treatment modality when helping an addict recover as it involves the discovery of triggers, development of coping skills techniques, and relapse prevention skills. When looking for the right drug or alcohol rehab program, it is vitally important that you find one with licensed and experienced addiction counselors, such as Destination Hope.

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