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Is Addiction Counseling a Good Career for Those in Recovery?

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Addiction counseling can be a good career choice for some, but not necessarily all clients in recovery. Addiction counseling is a great way to give back and to help others who are going through similar circumstances, but the career is certainly a demanding one. It calls for specific requirements and personal characteristics to be successful in the high stress field.

Addiction Counseling

Addiction counseling can be a very fulfilling career, as these professionals help clients take back control over their lives for greater health and stability. Many clients in recovery find themselves wanting to pursue this career field as a way to give back and to contribute the way that their own counselors contributed to their lives.

Education and experience requirements vary, but typically require at least a high school diploma or college degree as well as extensive training and certification. Continuing education is also part of addiction counseling, to make sure that you keep up to date with new information in the field.

Addiction Counseling Traits & Skills

Addiction counselors need specific traits and skills to successfully do their jobs. Some such skills include being good listeners, having patience, having empathy, communicating well and remaining calm and professional even in extremely high-stress situations.

This can be a particularly dangerous job for clients in recovery as it can be highly stressful, and lots of stress is a trigger for potential relapse. Some clients may find it too difficult to remain calm when working with clients, due to the increased emotions of the situations. The personal connections and stories may hit too close to home for many. Other clients may be able to stay calm and handle the stress but may not fully embody the other traits required for the job.

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Other Ways to Give Back

Does it seem as if addiction counseling may not be for you? There are many other ways you can give back to help others struggling with addiction that can be beneficial to them while not endangering your recovery. You can volunteer in a number of ways for different organizations, such as women’s shelters or schools, where you can talk about your experience with addiction and your rise to recovery as a way to inspire others who may also be struggling with addiction.

You can volunteer at your local support group meeting chapter. You can volunteer by doing various duties at a local rehabilitation center. There are many options and it comes down to what you enjoy the most and what will be healthy for you (i.e. not overwhelming your recovery).

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