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Destination Hope Hits the Road

On the Road Again…

In any given year, Destination Hope visits more than 20 cities and attends various national conferences. The goal of these visits is to network with those in the behavioral and mental health industries and work together to find the best way to reach clients and get them well.

During the conferences, Destination Hope staff will network with lobbyists who push the government toward the passage of laws that protect patients. During information sessions, our staff members hear from other clinicians and learn about new policies that could affect the industry. Knowledge is power and when industry members come together, they become an unstoppable force.

The goal of many of these visits is to come together and grow the industry in order to serve more and more people who need help. Our staff members enjoy meeting new people around the country who also share their stories of recovery. These stories remind them of their purpose and passion for working in the mental illness and addiction industry.