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Introducing: Our MAP Program

Destination Hope of Fort Lauderdale expands its treatment program to include the “Mature Adult Program,” a new division dedicated to older adult men with similar life interests and ages so they can receive the utmost clinical treatment based on their individual needs and lifestyle.

Destination Hope, a renowned dual diagnosis treatment center specializing in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders, created a new program in August 2015. The Mature Adult Program (MAP) offers dual-diagnosis treatment catering to men of roughly 35 and older who would benefit clinically from a specialized treatment plan in a community of like-minded and mature individuals. Destination Hope has a long standing history of offering one of the best individualized treatment plans, honoring the diversity of each client’s needs.

The establishment of this new program stems from numerous requests from the outside community, industry research, and the evaluation of the interaction between a wide-range of ages and interests of the male clients. Mature adults find it sometimes difficult to relate to younger clients, which hinders their ability to maximize treatment services. MAP is designed in response to that need. The comfort level is enhanced with peer-to-peer related groups and their ability to participate in informative discussions is enhanced by the relative subject matter and life experience.

Alton Smith, Vice President of Operations, says “This program is important because we can group men with similar life experiences together. More important than the chronological age will be their level of maturity and interests. This means that if clinically appropriate we can have a 35 or 40-year-old man in the program providing he can best benefit from being there.” Ben Brafman, CEO of Destination Hope, adds, “It boils down to motivation and severity of consequences. This living environment is conducive for recovery, learning and dealing with life-changing consequences.”

MAP has around twenty men in the program at any given time and consists of eight hours of programming per day, which includes individual, family and group therapy sessions. Destination Hope recognizes that clients in this program have jobs and family matters to tend to, so they give them time to work with their case manager to make sure they can meet their responsibilities outside of treatment.

In addition to the Mature Adult Program, Destination Hope is opening a Healing Center that will include a biofeedback chair, which measures brain waves and helps transform unhealthy brain patterns into healthy brain activity, massage therapy, acupuncture, and yoga. Clients will be able receive a variety of other alternative advanced medical techniques available in the Healing Center. These are designed to help with anxiety, relapse prevention, and depression. These services may not be for everyone, but alternative therapies are beneficial for clients who are dealing with consequences and stress from their disabilities. For more information, please visit