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Dennis Rodman’s Alcohol Treatment Program

An alcohol treatment program seems to have been the answer for famed retired NBA athlete and celebrity, Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman Chooses to Go to an Alcohol Treatment Program

Dennis Rodman returned from a controversial trip to North Korea in which he played a special basketball game for the birthday of Kim Jong Un. In a live interview with CNN, Rodman spoke about the meaning of the trip and his intentions and was barely coherent, exhibiting slurred speech. He also made very serious implications that an American in North Korea rightfully deserved imprisonment, and referred to his own trip as “basketball diplomacy”.

Following the controversial interview, Rodman’s publicist made a statement that he in fact did not mean what he said about the imprisoned American in North Korea, that he was having a very stressful day and that he had also been drinking alcohol prior to the live interview. The consumption of alcohol as part of the reason for his behavior already points to a sign of the need for an alcohol treatment program. Next Rodman made a statement at the airport in Beijing on his way home to the States explaining that he really did not mean what he had said, that he was certainly not a diplomat and he really wished there was something he could do to help the imprisoned American, Kenneth Bae.

On arrival to the states, Rodman immediately checked himself into an alcohol treatment program.

Rodman’s Behavior in Relation to Alcoholism

Dennis Rodman’s reckless behavior and reckless words are a classic example of the types of reactions that can come from clients dealing with alcoholism. His behavior was even partially explained away by his publicist as a cause of his consumption of alcohol. It is great to know that Rodman realized the nature of his actions and the root of the problem as a problem with alcohol and went right away to seek the help that he needed. A successful life of recovery is possible. The first step is seeking help from an alcohol treatment program.

The Alcohol Treatment Program Experience

During the alcohol treatment program, clients confront addiction largely by means of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy works on the underlying causes of addiction to hand clients the tools and understanding they need to be able to lead successful lives of recovery. Psychotherapy comes in several forms including cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy. Other alcohol treatment program methods include – but are not limited to – support group meetings, lifestyle counseling and stress management.

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