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Mental Health

5 Recognizable Anxiety Disorder Symptoms in Men

Anxiety disorders are often thought to be female mental health conditions, even though they affect both sexes regularly. According to research, women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder as men, but that statistic can be a bit misleading. It is widely accepted that American men are actually under-diagnosed as a population when it comes to anxiety disorders. This is thanks to the cultural values that are drilled into men’s heads from birth with regard to the notion that men are to be pillars of unshakable strength; they are never to show signs of weakness and there should never be a problem that they cannot overcome or solve on their own. It becomes pretty easy to see how difficult it would be for the average man in the United States to admit they were suffering from an anxiety disorder while trying to live up to that archaic gender role.

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Anxiety in Men and Its Hidden Identifying Symptoms

Anxiety in men manifests itself differently than anxiety in women does. For starters, it can often be difficult to diagnose a man as having an anxiety disorder as men are known to often repress their symptoms and therefore aren’t prone to discussing them. Men will often try to soothe their symptoms of anxiety with drugs and alcohol rather than consult a doctor like women are more inclined to do. This is most likely why women are statistically “more likely” to suffer from anxiety than men are, as men will continuously strive to figure out ways to cope with their symptoms and suffer in silence.

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