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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Florida

Is Drug or Alcohol Rehab a Last Resort?

Client enters addiction treatment in Fort Lauderdale Florida at Destination Hope and shakes hand with doctor over discussing the treatment plan

Despite its portrayal in the media or what common knowledge may try to dictate, drug and alcohol treatment is not just for people who have hit rock bottom with substance abuse. Addiction is a chronic disease, and as with most medical conditions, treatment and subsequent recovery are not a quick fix or a desperate measure, nor does it happen overnight. It requires time, patience, and commitment, and the earlier you start, the more effective it can be. Though many do, there’s no need to wait until you are at your lowest point to enter treatment. If you suspect you or a loved one could use help, act on that feeling and seek help as soon as possible.

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The True Cost of Seeking Addiction Treatment in Florida

Florida is one of the epicenters for drug treatment in the United States. Hundreds upon hundreds of addiction treatment centers have opened, especially, in South Florida in the past several years. With promises of serene walks on the beach, effective treatment and beautiful surroundings, many clients and their families believe that Florida is the ideal place to recover.

To be sure, Florida offers a multitude of benefits, but ultimately a person’s recovery will depend on a number of factors including their willingness to recover, level of support from family and friends and the quality and care provided by the treatment center.

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Is Your Casual Drinking Becoming a Problem?

It is difficult to determine if your drinking has become a problem when you don’t fit the stereotype of the common alcoholic. Maybe you aren’t homeless, maybe you have a job, and maybe you even have a family you are taking care of. There is no way you could be an alcoholic, right? Before dismissing this idea, it is important to remember that alcoholism can take on many different shapes and forms. Although you may compare yourself to the stereotype and convince yourself that you are nowhere near a full-blown alcoholic, there is a point when drinks out with friends…

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Should You Return to Drug Rehab?

Knowing if it was a Slip or Relapse Making the decision to use alcohol or drugs again is always a dangerous choice for a person in recovery. The severity of the damage which this will lead to for the recovering addict and the people around them is usually determined by the time it takes that person to set the substance back down and quit again. In some cases, this can happen rather quickly. There are those recovering addicts who slip up and only take a small amount of the substance they were once addicted to, then almost immediately regret doing…

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Gender-Specific Rehab: What to Expect

Addiction can cause a variety of negative effects in an individual's life that can impact work, family life and social interactions. Professional treatment is necessary to begin the exploration of issues that underlie the need to abuse substances. Gender-specific rehab offers special care for the issues men face in their personal and professional lives. Why Gender-Specific Treatment Programs Were Developed Specialists in addiction treatment began to notice a number of problems with treating both men and women in the same group. Often, men and women had different issues to deal with in counseling sessions. Women often dealt with domestic abuse,…

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Will Drug or Alcohol Addiction Kill Me?

Drug and alcohol addiction, especially in the long term, can cause serious damage to your body, your mind and your life. Living with an addiction can feel like sobriety is an unattainable dream and that life feels like it is spiraling out of your control. However, sobriety and recovery are not unattainable dreams and losing control of health and happiness is not inevitable. Going into recovery can help you heal both your body and your mind, and it can prepare you for a better future. It’s never too late to seek help from a rehab center or from a recovery…

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Types of Substance Abuse Programs: Making Your Choice

Substance abuse programs are offered in a number of different options. Learn about the types of substance abuse programs and find our which may be the best option for you. Inpatient Substance Abuse Programs Inpatient substance abuse programs are typically recommended for most clients of substance abuse and addiction. This is because they are strict programs where clients stay at the program facilities 24/7 for the duration of treatment (not including any special trips such as the grocery store or an offsite support group meeting). Clients are thus free to work on getting better without having to also handle the…

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5 Tips for Staying Sober After Substance Abuse Programs

Substance abuse programs are not the end of the road for your recovery process. Keep up your recovery long after your substance abuse programs come to an end with these five tips for staying sober. Tip 1: Utilize the Aftercare Resources of Substance Abuse Programs. The best substance abuse programs offer aftercare resources to continue to give you support long after you’ve completed your program. Aftercare activities vary from rehabilitation center to rehabilitation center but may include such offerings as alumni support group meetings, alumni trips and more. Activities that involve the alumni of substance abuse programs are wonderful for…

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Are Substance Abuse Programs Necessary? What about Just Doing the 12 Steps?

Substance abuse programs make the chances of successful recovery much stronger. The 12 steps of recovery are an important part of substance abuse programs, but there are more facets to treatment added that can help clients gain the proper strength to continuously work towards recovery.  In addition, the support system of addiction treatment professionals also works to make the transition to recovered living more comfortable and more likely to result in long-term success. The 12 Steps of Recovery The journey to recovery is maybe most well known as being a 12-step process. While substance abuse programs certainly do utilize the…

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Can I Do an At-Home Drug Rehabilitation Program?

Some drug rehabilitation program options include the option of recovering at home. While it is possible for you to receive substance abuse and addiction treatment in this manner, there are special benefits and advantages associated with getting rehabilitated in the professional setting of a drug rehabilitation program center.

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