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From Broken to Whole Again

April 12, 2017

Written by DH Women's Program, alumni family member, Beth O. March 2017 When I grew up, my mother was our caretaker and did everything for us. She put us through dance and gymnastics classes, voice lessons, drove us to soccer games and saved every last dollar from her two jobs to give us everything we needed and wanted. She was strong, smart and our rock when my father left us during the times we needed him most. I was in middle school and my sister was in elementary school. These were the years we needed our father, but he suffered…

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American Society: How It Contributes to Depression

August 30, 2016

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States today (1). In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported antidepressant drug use had skyrocketed by 400 percent over the last two decades. Antidepressants are the most commonly taken type of medication by people 18-44 years old. In 2008, 23 percent of women who were 40-59 years old were taking antidepressant medications (2). Women experience depression more often than men. Women experiencing depression may feel sad, worthless and guilty (3). While biology and hormones play a role in this difference in women's higher depression rates,…

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Does Smoking Cause Depression?

April 30, 2016

New information released by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that cigarette smoking among U.S. adults—those 18 years and older—has dropped to approximately 14.9 percent. Even with this encouraging trend in the decline of smoking among adults, it is sobering to consider that these statistics still mean there are over forty million adult smokers in America. The insidious health effects of smoking are well documented. More than 480,000 preventable deaths each year are attributed to cigarettes, along with significant increases in the risk for developing cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and many forms of cancer. Another Risk for Smokers In addition…

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The Double Demons of Depression and Addiction

February 16, 2015

Depression and addiction all too frequently go hand in hand. Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed and treated mental issues in the United States, and addictive disorders are also common co-diagnoses. When both an addiction and an underlying mental health disorder need to both be treated at the same time, in order to help the individual heal and begin the road to recovery, it’s called a dual diagnosis. Depression and addiction, together, are one of the most common types  of dual diagnosis for a number of reasons. Why Depression and Addiction Are Common Co-Diagnoses Individuals who are depressed…

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Exercise and Depression

February 4, 2015

Can depression be helped through exercise? Research says yes! Right now in the US, around a tenth of the population suffers from depression, with women 70% more likely than men to be depressed at some point in their lives. Although more serious cases of depression may need to be professionally treated with medication and counseling, it has been shown that even moderate exercise can improve quality of life for someone struggling with depression. What Did the Research About Exercise and Depression Conclude? One study followed a sample of middle-aged women, who each reported at least ten symptoms of depression, who…

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Overcoming Depression and Addiction In 30 Days

January 19, 2015

Overcoming depression and addiction during a 30 day treatment program may seem like a tall order- and one that may be holding you back from seeking help. While 30 days may not be enough time for everyone to overcome depression and addiction, it is enough time to make a significant change in your life no matter who you are and what your situation is. There's no reason to wait. Depression and addiction often go hand in hand Depression and addiction often go hand in hand, and they are one of the most common dual diagnoses. A dual diagnosis is when…

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Are Depression and Addiction Hereditary?

January 7, 2015

Depression and addiction can sometimes be genetically-influenced. While not everyone who suffers from depression and addiction had to have a family history and not everyone with a family history will develop depression and addiction, people who do have a family history are faced with a significantly higher risk of developing them. The Genetic Link for Depression and Addiction Addiction has been shown to have a genetic link, as the children of clients of addiction face significantly greater risks of becoming addicted to substances themselves. This is outside of factors for environmental influences. Depression’s genetic connection is linked to a specific…

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Depression and Addiction: What You Need to Know As a Spouse

October 17, 2014

Depression and addiction is a common combination for a dual diagnosis. Learn more about what it means to have both depression and addiction, how depression and addiction are treated and how you may support your spouse in his efforts to get recovered. Depression and Addiction: A Frequent Dual Diagnosis A dual diagnosis is when a client of addiction has been diagnosed with at least one accompanying mental health disorder. It is not uncommon for the accompanying disorder to be a form of depression. Your spouse may have had depression prior to having an addiction. Some clients reach for substances such…

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Preventing Depression and Addiction

August 20, 2014

Depression and addiction are difficult to experience, but they can be treated. You can greatly reduce the odds of developing a dual diagnosis by engaging in measures of prevention although it should be noted that prevention cannot be guaranteed. The Dual Diagnosis of Depression and Addiction A dual diagnosis is when a client of addiction has been diagnosed with at least one accompanying mental health disorder. A dual diagnosis of depression and addiction can be particularly difficult to manage. Sometimes it appears as if the consequences of addiction have led to a client’s development of depression, other times clients attempt…

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Why are Women Suffering From Depression and Addiction?

May 26, 2014

Depression and addiction appearing together in a client is referred to as a dual diagnosis. Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders seen in dual diagnoses and many female clients experience dual diagnoses. Depression and Addiction: A Common Dual Diagnosis A dual diagnosis is when a client has an addiction and at least one accompanying mental health disorder. Depression and addiction is one of the most commonly seen dual diagnoses and dual diagnoses are also quite common among female clients. Sometimes a client has depression and she tries to self-medicate her depression via alcohol or drugs and…

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