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Celebrity Addiction

Why Mac Miller’s Overdose Death Matters

Malcolm James McCormick, known as Mac Miller, by any measure a successful musical talent, died at his home from an apparent overdose last Friday September 7. It’s easy to dismiss this as yet another celebrity death – particularly a musician – succumbing to drugs: “Hey that’s just their lifestyle, right?” However, Mac Miller’s death means so much more.

Although he leaves behind friends, family and fans who love him dearly, his death seems like just another celebrity overdose in the media and across the Internet. With over 70,000 other drug-related deaths every year (estimated 2017 by the CDC) and hundreds of thousands more hospitalizations, we have become dangerously desensitized to the problem. Yes, we all know that substance abuse is a clear and present danger to our society, but we have lost the shock that each of these tragedies should elicit in us. Until we collectively remember that each of these deaths extinguishes the promise of what should otherwise be a long life and career, we cannot effectively deal with the underlying problem.

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Real Housewives Star Returns to Rehabilitation

Former child actress and one of the stars of the hit reality TV series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards has been hospitalized for substance abuse treatment. Richards has claimed to have been clean and sober since her alcohol addiction program three years ago but received plenty of attention and speculation regarding her sobriety after weeks of erratic behavior which was even apparent on the television series. Her odd behavior was even the cause of an altercation between her sister and co-star, Kyle Richards and co-star Brandi Glanville.

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Celebrities and Alcohol Addiction – Do They Go Hand in Hand?

Alcohol addiction and celebrities seem to go hand in hand when you consider how often you hear about the struggles and consequences of celebrities dealing with alcoholism in the news. This phenomenon occurs because many celebrities deal with pressure, anxiety and stress in unhealthy ways. This can lead to alcohol addiction for a celebrity just as it may for anyone else.

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Olympic Athlete, Michael Phelps, Arrested for DUI

Star Olympian swimmer, Michael Phelps, was arrested Tuesday on charges for driving under the influence. This is not his first DUI or the first admission of his troubles with substances. Anxiety and stress are some of the major triggers of substance use for all individuals struggling with substance abuse. This may have been the trigger for the latest incident with Michael Phelps as well as prior incidents. Michael Phelps Arrested for DUI Michael Phelps is a world famous athlete due to his extraordinary achievements in the Olympics from a very young age. The 29 year old has 22 Olympic medals…

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5 Things Celebs Have Taught Us About Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment is often a hot topic in celebrity news. This actually comes along with some great benefits for the recovery community, as we have been able to learn so much from their experiences. Here are five things famous figures have taught us about substance abuse treatment.

1. Substance Abuse Treatment Takes Time.

Substance abuse treatment requires time, hard work and commitment for success. Clients who leave their treatment programs early or only commit to very short periods of time for treatment are usually featured in the headlines soon after for relapse. There is no quick fix or magic bandage for recovery success.

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Robin Williams: A Conversation About Dual Diagnosis

Actor Robin Williams was tragically found dead in his California home Last week, in an apparent suicide. The Oscar-winning actor and comedian had long battled a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and depression, for which he had spent time in recovery. In fact, Williams recently made headlines for proactively returning to treatment to strengthen his recovery. His passing has saddened thousands across the globe, both those who knew him personally and those who knew him only through his films.

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Top 5 Robin Williams Movies to Inspire Your Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment can be very challenging but inspiration can do so much to help you on your journey. There is so much greatness awaiting you in recovery and all of the hard work that you’ll need to put in can be well worth it. Sometimes we can get inspiration from other sources, like films, books, or even music. Let these five films starring the late actor Robin Williams inspire your addiction treatment.

1. Addiction Treatment Inspiration: Awakenings

The concept of catatonic patients awakening after decades due to a new treatment can be compared to “awakening” from the life of addiction when you finally enter the recovery process. The worlds of addiction and recovery are so sharply-contrasted and dissimilar. Get inspired and know you’re headed to a wonderful place – the journey of recovery.

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Florida Drug Rehab Addresses the Dangers of Performance Enhancing Drugs

Anthony Bosch’s arrest for illegal steroid distribution is no surprise to Florida drug rehab centers. Performance-enhancing drugs are big business and not just in the major leagues.

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Amber Valletta Opens Up About Her Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Actress and Model Amber Valletta recently opened up about her drug and alcohol addiction and her daily struggle to stay sober. Her exposure to substance abuse started at the tender age of 8 and carried on throughout her young adult life until she decided to get sober at 25.

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Will outpatient treatment work for Shia LaBeouf?

Shia LaBeouf is reportedly seeking outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction after a string of headline-grabbing public outbursts and an arrest in the past few months. He has acknowledged in a statement to the press that he understands that his recent actions are a symptom of a much greater problem that he is taking the appropriate steps towards recovery.

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