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Why It Is Dangerous To Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

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An alcohol treatment center can help women with alcohol problems. Treating alcohol addiction or abuse is of particular importance when a woman has become pregnant or is planning to become pregnant.

There are many adverse effects that alcohol use can have on both the baby and the mother. It is estimated that 1 in 750 babies in the United States is born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and 40,000 babies per year are born with some other kind of alcohol-related effects according to the March of Dimes. Here we explain why it’s dangerous to drink alcohol while pregnant.

How Much Alcohol is too Much?

Different experts have varying opinions on how much alcohol is too much alcohol for a woman to consume during pregnancy. Some experts say that a very small amount is ok, but some studies have shown that even a small amount of alcohol can contribute to birth defects or behavioral problems in children.

With any amount of risk involved, it is best to abstain from the consumption of any alcohol during pregnancy. There is also the issue that most women who abuse alcohol or suffer from dependency can’t drink a small amount without being tempted to drink to excess, which gives even more reason to abstain completely. Most alcoholics cannot do that without the help of an alcohol treatment facility like Destination Hope.

Effects of Alcohol on the Baby.

There are many negative effects that using alcohol during pregnancy can cause. From physical health problems to behavioral problems later in life, the problems can also range from mild to extreme.

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Most people know about some of the physical problems that can be caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy, but other problems may present as well. Studies show that when alcohol is consumed during pregnancy, it may cause issues such as behavioral problems and learning disabilities later in life. In severe cases, drinking during pregnancy can lead to mild to severe mental retardation.

The physical problems that may be caused by drinking during pregnancy are numerous. They may include: small body size and weight, curved spine, missing fingers or toes or webbing of the fingers or toes, facial abnormalities, nearsightedness, poor coordination, heart issues such as murmurs, genital malformations, central nervous system handicaps, or organ deformities.

In addition to these possible defects, it is possible that the baby won’t survive as stillbirths and miscarriages can be caused by consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

Seeking the help of an alcohol treatment center is important for anyone suffering from alcohol addiction or abuse problems, but especially so for those who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Remember, that once a pregnancy is involved, alcohol abuse no longer just affects the person consuming it.

Now the baby is also consuming whatever the mother does. Destination Hope offers treatment specific to women and understands their needs. Our treatment programs serve adult women of all ages and we have a treatment program for pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a big step in a woman’s life that alcohol can destroy. Getting help is important. If you or a woman that you care about has an alcohol abuse or addiction problem, please call our admissions counselors today and get the help you need.

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