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Wellness Program

Our Wellness Program is a creative curriculum designed to integrate holistic services with the intensive clinical, medical and psychiatric services provided at all levels of care.  Each client’s unique interests and needs are identified through assessment to develop an appropriate approach to addressing their individual concerns.

Our wellness team is comprised of energetic, creative clinicians dedicated to ongoing development of new and innovative activities that can enhance the client’s treatment experience and develop skills and habits that can promote change and progress in the clients’ recovery and aftercare plan. The ultimate goal of all services provided in the Wellness Program is for clients to achieve mental, emotional and physical benefits through interactive services.

Wellness services include fitness groups, nutrition assessment and meal planning, music and recreational therapy groups, group and private yoga sessions, art and music therapy, Qigong and Tai Chi, massage, chiropractic care, and meditation. These treatments result in lower stress levels, more emotional comfort, and a decrease in pain. All of our clients have access to our Wellness Program during their recovery. Learn more about:


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